Mihai Puchiu
Ixia Senior Product Manager

Top 9 Reasons to Start Using IxLoad 9.00 Today

July 31, 2019 by Mihai Puchiu

Ixia announced a major release of its solutions for network, application delivery and security testing that brings significant platform additions and an extended set of new functionalities. One of these test solutions is IxLoad, which validates the quality of experience (QoE) of real-time and business-critical application services through converged multiplay service emulation. 

With a broad feature-set, IxLoad validates the QoE of devices and service delivery platforms—covering use-cases from development and network architecture design, to device selection, pre-deployment and production. Although IxLoad supports a large spectrum of protocol and test cases, there are common goals across all: assuring high QoE while achieving high efficiency. 

Top 9 for IxLoad 9.00

Although there are many other platform enhancements and new features users of the newly-released IxLoad version 9.00 will benefit from, here are the top 9:  

  1. IxLoad Web User Interface (UI) allows you to access IxLoad anytime, from anywhere through a simple web interface. All you need is a web browser and you can load a test configuration, change the execution parameters, run the test, and see the results. 
  2. REST API Browser complements IxLoad Web UI, providing a simple way to change test configurations by adding and deleting test components and modifying parameters through a web interface. Also, if you write automation scripts and need to know the syntax to access a specific element of the test configuration, you can easily identify it by navigating in the test configuration’s tree using the REST API Browser.
  3. TLS 1.3 is the emerging encryption technology rapidly adopted across the internet. You need to update your test plans to include TLS 1.3, verify the interoperability as per RFC 8446, and check performance with new cyphers. IxLoad 9.00 is the test tool to achieve this. 
  4. QUIC is another emerging technology to reduce the latency of secured applications delivery. IxLoad 9.00 extends its coverage of video testing capabilities by including support for QUIC as transport protocol for HLS and DASH, allowing you to test QoE for video streaming against real servers or in a two-arm test mode.
  5. Virtual Environment is virtually present everywhere (pun intended): services available on physical devices are also available as virtual network functions (VNFs). IxLoad is not an exception: it works on physical chassis as well in virtual environments. With 9.00, IxLoad VE brings several new features including the simplification of the test environment by allowing the emulation of both clients and servers in the same virtual machine and by unifying the licensing requirements. 
  6. Public Cloud services are used by a majority of enterprises – 77% of the enterprises have at least one application in the cloud – and majority of them have multi-cloud strategies. When you are in charge of building, deploying, or managing applications in the cloud, IxLoad is the test tool you need. The same test configurations used in the lab, on hardware, or virtual test ports can be used in Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure public clouds. 
  7. IPsec testing is a primary strength for IxLoad. The technology is not new, but the combination of old technologies in addressing new use cases becomes challenging. IxLoad 9.00 includes a set of new features to address such cases. One example is the added support for GRE and GRE over IPsec, so you can test point-to-point virtual private networks (VPNs).
  8. Voice services have arguably the most challenging demands for assuring the quality of experience. IxLoad has a very strong feature set for validating voice and media delivery. One of the features added in IxLoad 9.00 is the capability to record and store the received audio streams as decoded wave files. 
  9. Wireless service quality is a critical competitive advantage. With release 9.0, users can now push the limits of 5G Non Stand Alone (NSA) Option 3x topologies either by massive scaling in the EPC or by using UE-simulation over LTE anchor and New Radio (NR).

One more bonus reason: CloudStorm is the industry-leading hardware platform for Layers 4-7 application performance. On CloudStorm, IxLoad achieves cloud-scale volume of real-world traffic.

If you are testing application delivery systems where evaluating quality of experience in real-world conditions is important, IxLoad 9.00 will simplify your tasks by providing accurate data, regardless if your test cases require massive-scale traffic or for virtual environments in the public cloud.