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Total Visibility at RSA

February 7, 2017 by Jason Lackey

Once again Ixia is proud to be at RSA – we’ll be at Booth #3401.

Visibility is a funny thing. When you are depending on a visibility network – network packet brokers, bypass switches and taps, you are counting on the data you are looking for actually getting to the tools you use where you look at that data. If you don’t get all of your data, you are not getting the complete picture and you are in fact putting yourself at risk.

At Ixia, when we build network packet brokers, we don’t cut corners. It would be easier and cheaper to do everything in software, but we don’t. We go the extra mile with expensive FPGAs – expensive but high performance chips that allow us to hardware accelerate the tasks a network packet broker does.

Ixia: 4X Better Performance, Zero Packet Loss
Ixia: 4X Better Performance, Zero Packet Loss and Simultaneous Advanced Features


Ixia Network Visibility for Dummies
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This hardware acceleration brings you a couple advantages. One of them is zero packet loss, key to truly understanding what is happening on your network. The other key advantage is the ability to turn on multiple advanced features at the same time. A software only solution would struggle and bog down, but with FPGA powered performance Ixia lets you use simultaneous advanced features.

Bring all these things together and you have what we call Total Visibility and we are going to be showing it at RSA 2017. To make things even more interesting we will be giving away cool Ixia bags to everyone who comes by the booth. We will also be doing a drawing for a STRiDA folding bicycle and we’ll have copies of Network Visibility for Dummies for everyone.

See you at the show!