Jeff Harris
Chief Marketing Officer

TradeVision - Redefining Market Data Speed and Precision

December 4, 2017 by Jeff Harris

Everyone seems to be moving faster and no market sees this more than the finance industry. In highly fluid markets, though, just raw speed is not enough - accuracy is also critical.  Can you imagine if you were a trading firm and suddenly one of the stocks you were tracking was missing from the feed because that particular packet got corrupted?  You would have the IT guys in your office ten second later.   

With market innovations using intelligent algorithms and flash trading, transactions happen fast, and for traders, every microsecond counts. Market data feeds are under constant scrutiny.  Stock exchanges, investment banks, market data consolidators, quantitative trading companies and other firms relying on real-time direct exchange market data represent some of our most demanding requirements for speed and accuracy performance.

Then there is network complexity.  We've all seen our networks slip out of our direct control as they extend to mobile devices, cloud environments and distributed applications.  Combine this with the drive for higher levels of data protection from regulations like GDPR and suddenly IT departments are scrambling to implement layers of safeguards and compliance systems to ensure policies can be met.  The result is a lot more data feeds being pulled from network switches to feed all these new appliances.  Glitches, delays and integrity issues can happen quickly with so much load on the switches, causing huge problems. For that reason, real-time visibility at line rates is also critical for operation.  It also allows IT teams to track and isolate faults faster, program in failover paths, and ensure uptime even for complex networks. 

Ixia happened to have both of these capabilities - high-speed market data feeds from our TradeView product, and the industry's fastest network packet brokers with our Vision ONE products.  We combined them to address this need for both market feeds monitoring AND complex IT data visibility.  The new product, TradeVision, was unveiled this week to audiences in London and New York.    

TradeVision allows IT teams to bring their market feed monitoring infrastructure together with network visibility management, and gives access to pre-programmed support for hundreds of trading venues.  Easy to deploy, TradeVision instantly detects sequence gaps and data microbursts from over 4096 multicast feeds. It does this while monitoring connection health continuously, and providing statistics with timestamping that’s accurate to the sub-microsecond. TradeVision is designed to fit any network, and is capable of monitoring 240 million trade messages per second.

If you came to one of our two events in New York City on November 29th or in London on December 5th, you now have access.  If you weren't able to make it, contact us and ask for a demo.  You will never trade the same again.