Daniel Munteanu
Technical Product Manager

TrafficREWIND: Seamlessly Generate Test Configurations from Your Production Traffic

July 18, 2017 by Daniel Munteanu

In a previous blog, I explained how to bridge production networks and testing labs using Ixia’s unique and innovative solution called TrafficREWIND™. While we have received great feedback on this bridging from the field, we wanted to make it as efficient and effective as possible…just like building bridges has evolved over time. Therefore, leveraging our rapid agile development process, we introduced several enhancements to greatly simplify the configuration of this solution as well as to enhance its capabilities.

Before going into the new features, let`s have a quick refresher of how TrafficREWIND can help. TrafficREWIND automatically generates test configuration profiles that you can use within BreakingPoint testbeds. The profiles are based on network traffic information received in the form of NetFlow metadata from Ixia’s Application and Threat Intelligence Processor (ATIP), a production network traffic inspection device.


It is okay not to know all the IP addresses of the production traffic

The first new feature in TrafficREWIND greatly simplifies its configuration. While previously users had to configure the local subnets (source or destination) of the monitored production traffic, which also offered precise downlink versus uplink bandwidth breakdown, release 1.3 introduces the new Monitor all Connections functionality. This new feature replaces time-consuming and error-prone manual configuration mainly from the following perspectives:

  • Users no longer need to input the subnets to be monitored, which in certain environments could have been a lengthy progress involving many subnets.
  • Knowing all the IP subnets in a production traffic is not always straightforward and it involves quite some investigation effort.


The time and prerequisites to complete Sensor configuration have been condensed to the click of a button!

More capabilities, more deployment options

Aside from the ease-of-use factor, we have focused on adding new functionalities as well as more deployment options to address more use cases and production environments.

IPv6 traffic and moreover, the presence of mixed IPv4 and IPv6 traffic, is virtually ubiquitous. TrafficREWIND follows suit and, starting with release 1.3, it can record and synthesize NetFlow metadata for both IPv4 as well as IPv6 production traffic.

One of the core TrafficREWIND value propositions is to bolster test realism. Application coverage plays a vital role with this respect and with the last major release, TrafficREWIND continued to add support for new applications (DCERPC, Yahoo-mail, vine-mobile, AOL, Windows-live-mail, QUIC, etc.), reaching 53 supported applications to date.

While in some environments having Internet access for the management network is easy to obtain, other environments can be completely air-gapped. Deploying TrafficREWIND in such offline environments is not a problem as license activation as well as user authentication can now be all done offline.

Finally, we did not leave all KVM and Linux fans out there behind as you can now deploy the TrafficREWIND virtual appliance on KVM as well.

Build your own bridge

Eager to try it out or to find out more details? Request a demo to learn how TrafficREWIND can complement your BreakingPoint and ATIP solutions and bridge your production network and test lab.