A. Joseph Dupre III
Technical Product Manager

Using Ixia Developer to Debug Amazon Cloud Deployments

March 3, 2017 by A. Joseph Dupre III

Amazon machine instance (AMI) support has been a frequently requested deployment option for Ixia Developer, an agile application performance and security resilience test tool. Many application delivery and virtual network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) offer software instances of their industry-leading networking services in the Amazon cloud through the Amazon AWS Marketplace. The marketplace allows these vendors to offer both software subscription pay-per-use and bring-your-own-licensing (BYOL) models to give their customers flexibility in the way they deploy and run these services in the Amazon cloud.

Amazon has made it increasingly easier over time to create complex internetworking environments in the cloud. The virtual private cloud (VPC) objects will allow us to construct a software defined network (SDN) to connect an Ixia Developer test tool virtual network function (VNF) to other VNFs in our own private sub-cloud within the larger Amazon public cloud.

With the February 2017 monthly agile release, Ixia Developer now offers a BYOL software instance in the Amazon AWS marketplace as an AMI. By subscribing to Ixia Developer, engineers can to find bugs early in the development cycle and integration teams, systems engineers, and sales engineering teams can more-easily demonstrate the power and flexibility of their own cloud based solutions. For example, Ixia Developer, integrated into a cloud security environment, can help them actively demonstrate the security and resiliency of their software systems.


Figure 1. Ixia Developer Machine Instance running in Amazon AWS

Our application note, Using Ixia Developer in Amazon Cloud Deployments. provides a preview of deployment using the Ixia Developer AMI. The application note outlines the getting started steps that will help get Ixia Developer up and running in the Amazon cloud for testing against the virtual device under test (DUT) or cloud system under test (SUT) of your choice.


Figure 2. Ixia Developer Amazon AWS test configuration getting started

Once you have your Ixia Developer Amazon instance running test traffic in the cloud, it can be easily connected to other virtual devices or systems under test by changing the gateway and network information for the client and server entity. We recommend that the virtual DUT be an Amazon instance with resources that are greater than the Ixia Developer instance, while making sure that the Ixia Developer instance has enough resources to generate the level of traffic needed.