Validate Virtualized Data Center Management and Orchestration

June 30, 2014 by Ixia Blog Team

In my previous blog, I wrote about the challenges of implementing a virtualized data center. In that blog, I primarily focused on the network challenges, and briefly described the Ixia RackSim test solution (which addresses the problem).

Now let’s look at different challenge in virtualized data center – one focused on management and orchestration. Today’s data center scales to few hundred thousand VMs. With the introduction of SDN and orchestration software, NEMs are providing an easier way for customers to manage this large-scale deployment. But with the increasing scale, it is critical for data center operators to validate the scaled management and orchestration.

Now let’s look at one such data center management and orchestration software option. VMWare vCenter is an operation and management tool for VMware-based virtualized data centers. VMWare also provides vSphere API, which VMWare partners can use to integrate their solutions with VMware vCenter software. Most of these solutions are SDN-based controller or management/orchestration software. Similarly, lot of vendors is developing solution based on OpenStack platform.

Similar to the data center operator, it is also critical for these vendors who are developing integrated VMware or OpenStack platform solutions to validate the their solution at intended scale, in-house.

Ixia RackSim is an innovative test and validation tool, which emulates the virtualized data center including Hypevisor, VM and VM Manager. Vendors and Data Center operator can use it to validate the scalability of the their solution.

To learn more about RackSim, please visit the product page or contact your local sales representative.