Validating Cloud Storage Services and Storage Area Networks

May 28, 2014 by Ixia Blog Team

In past several years, we have seen tremendous changes in IT Infrastructure Services. IT infrastructure no longer refers only to the organization’s on-premise networks, security services, data centers, workplace services, and IT operation centers. It can just as easily refer to off-premise network and cloud-based services. The major driving factors are that it offers more accessibility than ever before, and highly flexible and lower cost. In the last year, cloud storage providers (CSPs) delivered over an Exabyte of data under contract. This astonishing growth heralds a new era for how storage is delivered and consumed. The CSP market has seen new providers, new functionality, and improved platform maturity. We have also seen increased adoption rate among Enterprise businesses.

So, what this mean? As public cloud storage becomes critical to enterprise infrastructure, thorough validation/testing and monitoring is becoming more critical to IT.

Here are some of the challenges to consider while building secure, faster and reliable storage network

  • Is your storage provisioning right sized and cost-optimized?
  • Is your deployment protected against software upgrades?
  • Have you ensured compliance to Personal Data Act?
  • Are you protected against the cost of storing duplicate data?
  • Have you procured the most efficient caching device to reduce latency for your users?
  • Is your deployment fault tolerant?
  • Have you assessed the risk of losing data?

There’s so much riding on network infrastructure even the few seconds laps can have severe impact on business.

Here’s how Ixia can help

Our storage solution was developed under Ixia’s flagship product IxLoad (L4-7 test platform). It is highly scalable, with stateful NAS and SAN multi-protocol emulations. IxLoad-Storage is the ideal testing platform for benchmarking and validating networks, as well as tuning the functionality, performance, and capacity of infrastructures that provide enterprise, data center, and cloud storage solutions. Ixia's storage test solution is a comprehensive hardware and software solution that integrates a full suite of storage protocols and application workloads to exercise the system at line-rate while emulating millions of users with a powerful and intuitive GUI.



  • Storage functionality, performance, scalability, application workloads
  • Field use cases like redundancy, backup-recovery, storage consolidation with millions of users at line rate
  • Validate implementation of optimization technologies like caching and data-deduplication
  • Helps find bottlenecks for running applications run faster
  • Resolve struggling with manageability and cost effectiveness of maintaining plethora of workload test tools and servers
  • Creates management reports that enable quick and effective decision making
  • Validate on 1GE, 10GE, 40GE, and VMs

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