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Visibility at the Edge: Introducing Vision Edge 1S

February 26, 2019 by Sarah Gross

The age of the edgeless enterprise is upon us. And whether your network is already employing a fleet of smart devices or not, the Internet of Things (IoT) is here to stay. In fact, Vodafone Business’ IoT Barometer 2019 found that 34% of companies worldwide are now using the technology in some form or another. In particular, the Americas saw the largest increase in adoption — jumping from 27% to 40% in the last year.

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 But as the number of connected devices increases, network issues arise.

With every new remote device comes a new threat to your central data network. That device generates data, sends it back to the central data center for processing, then receives the processed data all in a matter of seconds. However, more devices, can cause latency, a backlog at the central network, and, in the worst case, a network shutdown. 

Furthermore, remote logins and distances traveled by data can pose as security risks. Is a mere device login sufficient for security? What if the data is intercepted prior to processing?

This is where edge computing saves the day. Edge computing minimizes processing time and security issues by processing data at the remote site, a.k.a “the edge”. The central data center still serves as the main storage facility and a large processing arena for huge requests, but simple tasks are now performed locally and on site. Edge computing helps technologies like IoT devices succeed. It enables them to do more independently while remaining connected.

In a mobile world like we have today, edge computing is no longer a want but a need. 

And how do you succeed in implementing a bullet-proof edge architecture, you ask? Well, the first step is gaining visibility into your network at the edge, since you can’t protect what you can’t see.

That’s why I am happy to introduce Ixia’s newest edge visibility solution — Vision Edge 1S. Not only can it carry out the essential functionalities of a network packet broker, but it also delivers network performance monitoring to your remote sites. The Vision E1S is specifically designed for your edge computing endeavors, providing you insight into the data generated at your remote sites — as well as the overall health of your network. 


Vision E1S comes preinstalled with NetStack, PacketStack, and AppStack features, as well as the performance monitoring capabilities of Ixia’s Hawkeye. With this launch, Ixia is excited to give your edge network an unfair advantage without consuming you budget.

Find out more about Vision E1S here and request a demo today!

Going to RSA? Visit the Keysight booth for more info on the E1S.