Keith Bromley
Sr. Manager, Product Marketing at Ixia

What Security Use Cases Are You Using?

November 25, 2019 by Keith Bromley

I hear this comment all the time, “Yeah, I have enough security defenses deployed.” However, when I press further to understand what the person is doing, all I typically get is the name of a few security products that are being deployed as point solutions. While it is good to know the name of the products deployed, it is more important to understand the use cases that are being, or not being, addressed. This allows you (and others within your organization) to understand the current state of your security architecture and how it will need to morph in the future.

For instance, most enterprises have hidden network and application vulnerabilities that can have disastrous consequences. To prevent network security breaches, you need to create a robust security and visibility architecture. What this really means is that you need to fully understand the use cases you are deploying to solve your security problems, not what boxes you deployed.

Here is an example of 14 key network security use cases that can help you detect and minimize security threats.

  1. use data filtering for rapid forensic investigation to limit breach damage
  2. improve network uptime by using an external bypass switch
  3. use application intelligence to capture indicators of compromise
  4. out-of-band data filtering can improve security tool efficiency
  5. high availability makes inline security tool deployments more reliable
  6. n+1 redundancy delivers reliability at a fraction of the cost of high availability
  7. easily enable appliance-based  SSL inline decryption with a network packet broker
  8. simplify inline SSL decryption using a network packet broker with integrated decryption
  9. deployment of threat intelligence gateways reduces false-positive alerts
  10. serial tool chaining of suspect data improves the data inspection process
  11. self-healing inline security architectures maximize network availability
  12. protect your network with a network packet broker and a honeypot
  13. save time and money when deploying ASA firewall migrations
  14. SIEM integrations automate threat detection and mitigation

If you want more details on what these use cases involve, download the whitepaper Ixia’s Guide to Visibility Use Cases - Network Security to get an overview for each of these use cases.

Once you understand these basics, you can download the ebook The Definitive Guide to Visibility Use Cases to get over 60 different example use cases of how you can fully utilize a visibility architecture. These use cases cover various business needs – like removing network blind spots, reducing infrastructure cost, accelerating troubleshooting activities, as well as these 14 use cases on strengthening your security architecture.