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Senior Solutions Marketing Manager

What is the Visibility Economics Calculator?

June 9, 2017 by Smita Dave

In my interaction with our customers, I often hear them talk about adding new and additional security and monitoring tools to their network. All in good faith of reducing exposure to security breaches and enhancing performance. But in addition, they also talk about getting the getting biggest bang from their buck. Their concern is “Am I getting value from the tool investments I am making”?  

Understanding Visibility Economics
If you are concerned about getting true network visibility, reducing threats and network risks, and earning solid return on infrastructure investments, you might be interested to know the economic value of a potential network enhancement. Let’s call this visibility economics. But, how do you calculate your visibility economics? Are there any tools out there to help?

Visibility Economics calculator
I am excited to announce Ixia’s new Visibility Economics Calculator. A calculator that helps you assess your organization’s network risks and understand the economics of introducing a network visibility solution. The tool relies on answers to nine simple questions about your business and IT setup to help determine:

  • Your network visibility risks 

  • Your need for a visibility architecture upgrade 

  • The kind of return you can expect if you make the purchase

How does the calculator work
The calculator takes you through a two-step process. The first step requires you to answer four simple questions. Ixia’s rich experience and heritage in helping organizations operate high-performance networks has helped identify four high-level attributes that directly impact your network’s risk profile.

  • Industry 

  • Number of employees 

  • Number of network segments
  • Number of cloud services

Depending on your answers to the questions, the calculator’s risk meter shows your potential level of risk which could range from low to medium to high. In addition to determining the degree of potential risk, the initial assessment also outlines the security, analytics, and compliance risks you could be facing. These are really a factor of which industry you may be in and the number of employees, cloud services, and network segments that your organization has. The whitepaper Assessing Network Risk outlines in detail why these four attributes are critical to understanding your organization’s risk.

Once you know your potential risks, you are no doubt curious about the investments you need to make in order to combat those risks. And the return on investment that you can expect from the purchases. The second step takes you there. The calculator then asks an additional five specific but simple questions on your current IT setup.

These additional details are used to calculate how your organization might financially benefit from adding a visibility solution to your networks.  The questions probe into your:

  • Percentage of SPAN ports (Switched Port Analyzers)
  • Number of personal information identification (PII) records
  • Number of security, compliance, and analytics tools

The calculator uses the data you enter here to quickly compute your return on investment (ROI) and time required to breakeven on an investment in a visibility solution.  For a detailed report in your email, you just need to enter your basic name and email information. Not only do you get the numbers but also the quantifiable efficiencies and savings you achieve such as:

  • Reduced network downtime
  • Reduced troubleshooting time
  • Reduced mean time to repair
  • Reduced configuration time              

Benefits of the calculator
The visibility economics calculator helps you take an analytical look at the savings and ROI from each spending choice you make to ensure that your every dollar is effectively spent. The tool can give you useful input you can share with key stakeholders and budget controllers to help them understand the benefit of network visibility. You can consider the attributes of your network and assess cost savings against reductions in network downtime, speed of new tool implementation, and lower mean times to repair due to reduced troubleshooting time. These factors all help quantify your ROI, along with less intangible benefits such as agility, lost opportunities and speed of strategy execution.

The first step is to understand what and where your risks lie and how a right-sized network visibility architecture can help shrink your short- and long-term savings. It is essential to recognize these costs and risks while making sure they are accounted for in your visibility economics calculation. Understand where you have risk, what it takes to reduce it, and what that reduced risk will save you. Ixia’s visibility economics calculator can probably help you do just that.  

Try it today
If you have outgrown your network infrastructure and are considering an expansion, you want to be smart about the transition. Whether you move to the cloud — be it public or private — adopt a hybrid model, or continue to expand your physical data center, it is important to understand your network visibility risks, the value of true visibility architecture, and the return you can get from additional investments.

Try out the new Ixia Visibility Economics calculator today and let us know what you think. Answer 9 simple questions and get a report that outlines your possible network risk areas and how quickly you can recoup and upgrade an investment in network visibility. 

What is the Visibility Economics Calculator