Keith Bromley
Sr. Manager, Product Marketing at Ixia

Where To Begin With Network Visibility Basics

October 31, 2019 by Keith Bromley

Network visibility is an often overlooked but critically important activity for IT. Visibility is what enables you to quickly isolate security threats and resolve performance issues; ultimately ensuring the best possible end-user experience. This is because a proper visibility architecture addresses the strategic end-to-end monitoring goals of the business. Whether the network includes physical on-premises equipment, a combination of hybrid cloud and on-premises equipment, virtual data center solutions, out-of-band monitoring components, or inline security components makes no difference.

Because it is so important to acquire network visibility, Ixia just launched some promotional activities to help spread the word and elaborate further on the topic.

  1. Join us during the first two weeks of December to collect visibility tips and prizes, including a free $50,000 giveaway of network visibility equipment. Register here for live streaming feeds on the days of the events.
  2. Watch this video podcast with Tim O’Neill and Keith Bromley discussing an overview of network visibility components.
  3. Watch this video podcast with Tim O’Neill and Keith Bromley discussing inline network security and how to strengthen those solutions with a visibility architecture.

These activities and assets will provide you with a basic understanding of network visibility and where to begin with planning your architecture. Once you understand the basics, download the ebook The Definitive Guide to Visibility Use Cases to get over 60 different example use cases of how you can fully utilize your new visibility architecture. These use cases cover various business needs – like removing network blind spots, reducing infrastructure cost, accelerating troubleshooting activities, and strengthening your security architecture.