Jason Lackey
Solutions Marketing

The Women of Ixia – The Opportunities of Keysight

May 17, 2018 by Jason Lackey

Yes we can - spirit of the women of IxiaOK, I know that there are challenges around female participation in the world of tech, but I am pleased to be able to say that we are doing pretty well here at the Ixia Solutions Group in Keysight.

Case in point – we were recently honored when CRN named a couple of our key players, Carey Daley and Jessica McCurry, as 2018 Women of the Channel. Jessica has taken our channel program to new heights by bringing on a couple new distributors and extending and enhancing relationships across the board while still finding time to do things like climb mountains and ride horses.

Carey, who I have had the pleasure of working with here in Santa Clara, is one of the best recent hires I have seen in the marketing org and despite a relatively short time with the group she has already brought order to chaos and has introduced some really cool and creative programs including some events involving (and this really got my attention) axe throwing.

The good news is that we have skilled and talented females at all levels of the organization. When I was hired at Ixia, I reported to an exceptional boss who was female who reported to another exceptional boss who was not only female but also a C-level exec who in turn reported to a female CEO.

Currently at Keysight, under our female CMO we have a female running global demand generation. One of her key players, another female who sits a row over from me in cubeland, started life as a refugee and now speaks four languages and runs demand gen globally for the Ixia Solutions Group. It was fun to see her posting to Facebook about the latest Ixia partner conference in Mallorca – clearly a hardship assignment.

On my team here I have some amazing contributors, some of whom happen to be female as well. One was promoted to management and in addition to running our marketing automation efforts has also taken a leading role will training the field and cross-training members of the web team on key aspects of marketing automation, allowing us to better support the needs of the company with follow the sun support.

So, to wrap things up, once again congratulations to Jessica McCurry and Carey Daley and the other women at Ixia and Keysight who help drive the business forward each and every day. For those interested in a career where the size of your contribution and the magnitude of your performance are what matter, check out Keysight Careers. For those who specialize in 5G, we have a particularly interesting position, 5G Solution Marketing Manager, that the right person could have some real fun with.