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Women in Tech at Ixia - We can do it.

May 18, 2017 by Jason Lackey

We can do it. Women at Ixia.For a variety of reasons there is both the perception and the reality that women have a tough time in tech. It’s true. There are issues with hostile work and study environments, challenges penetrating the VC old boy network and even general societal bias pushing women away from STEM educations and later STEM careers.

There are also plenty of women who have overcome these challenges and who have built very successful careers in tech and we are fortunate to have a number of them here at Ixia.

CRN, in their 2017 Women of the Channel, recognized two of our best and brightest, Lori Cornmesser, VP of Global Channel Sales at Ixia and Marie Hattar, CMO, Ixia. Both are obviously very successful in their fields and are very different people. Lori started down the capitalist road with a (channel enabled) lemonade stand and earned an international MBA on her way to Ixia. Marie, an engineer by training (and avid blogger) also has an MBA and a motorcycle license.

What they both have in common, beyond having been down a difficult, challenging educational path, is extreme work ethics. Many will sit back and wait for some sort of entitlement to drop opportunities in their laps, which both Lori and Marie are roll up the sleeves types who lead by example. They are smart, motivated and work hard. Very hard.

On the topic of hard work, we have a couple more examples here. One being our President and CEO Bethany Mayer who built a career in senior leadership roles in companies like HP, Blue Coat, Apple, Cisco and Lockheed Martin. Like most interesting people she also has interests outside work and is an avid road cyclist – which is probably why we have the Tour de Ixia, a fun riding/charity event.

Looking at the Leadership page on Ixiacom.com, in addition to Hattar and Mayer, we also list Patti Key as SVP of Global Sales. Like Hattar, she holds an engineering degree, a BSEE. She also has two patents to her name. She even joined some of the peloton efforts with an indoor spinning rig – two wheels being one of those themes we have going in addition to hard work.

When I turn to my own chain of command, I work for a woman, Jen McAdams, who holds a VP title. Like the others mentioned, she works extremely hard and is not at all shy about jumping in with sleeves rolled up and tackling all sorts of tasks. On my team, I have one person in a formal leadership role and she is female.

Success in tech for women (or anyone) may not be fair and it certainly is not easy but as illustrated by some of the examples here it can be done and the common denominator is not luck, gender or entitlement. It’s real simple - hard work.

Looking for a new challenge regardless of you gender? Check our job page.

Thanks for reading.