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Ixia Joins New IP Agency, Becomes Exclusive Provider of Network Test Solutions for Interoperability Test Focused on Service Chaining

Posted 05/24/2016

Collaboration supports and strengthens SDN/NFV interoperability; demonstration to be showcased at Light Reading’s Big Communications Event

CALABASAS, Calif. & NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 24, 2016-- Ixia (Nasdaq: XXIA), a leading provider of network test, visibility, and security solutions has joined the New IP Agency (NIA), a not-for-profit independent initiative providing information, analysis ,and testing to support and accelerate the development of virtualized IP networks.

As a member, Ixia is the exclusive provider of network test solutions for interoperability testing that focuses on service chaining within the NIA’s Phase 3 evaluation and live interoperability demo. Service chaining consists of a set of network services, such as firewalls, service monitoring probes, DPI engines, session boarder controllers, or L2/3 routers that are interconnected through the network to support an application.

Ixia’s network test equipment and virtual test solutions, including IxLoad and IxNetwork, were integral to the NIA’s Phase 1 evaluation of Network Function Virtualization infrastructure (NFVi) - Virtualized Network Functions (VNF) interoperability in late 2015. Ixia solutions were also leveraged in the NIA’s Phase 2 evaluation of VNF management to gauge the market’s readiness in life-like scenarios.

Ixia is the exclusive provider of high-quality and credible interoperability testing for the third phase of the NIA’s VNF interoperability evaluations. This phase focuses on use-cases that test a combination of virtual Customer Premises Equipment (vCPE), a service chain, and a software-defined network. A live interoperability demonstration will be available during Light Reading’s Big Communications Event (BCE) to be held on May 24th and 25th, at the Austin Convention Center in Texas.

Ixia solutions performed the interoperability testing during the Hot Staging activities for BCE, and are an integral part of the demonstration, including:

  • IxLoad performance testing, which measures the quality of experience of real-time, business-critical applications with converged multiplay service emulations. IxLoad VE offers application performance testing of virtualized compute and network elements.
  • IxNetwork, a comprehensive network infrastructure performance testing solution that scales to handle powerful devices and large networks, from routing and switching to data center Ethernet and software defined networking. IxNetwork VE provides testing of virtual network infrastructures and devices.
  • Ixia’s XGS12-SD™ 12-slot modular chassis powers the industry’s highest port density Ethernet test system available for massive layer 2-7 testing. This flexible platform, along with a wide variety of load modules, delivers the most comprehensive solution for performance, functional, security, and conformance testing of network equipment and network applications.

Ixia leveraged its knowledge and experience as an ongoing contributor to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute’s (ETSI) NFV Industry Specifications Group, to support the NIA’s Phase 3 evaluation. The ETSI produces globally-applicable standards for Information and Communications Technologies, and is actively engaged in key work items related to pre-deployment testing, as well as testing in a continuous integration/continuous deployment DevOps environment.

“As part of the services offered by NIA, we aim to provide real world data about interoperability between NFV elements and other related functions. We do this by conducting periodic test phases, each designed to address the various building blocks of Network Functions Virtualization,” said Jeff Hannah, Director at the NIA. “We appreciate Ixia’s support in joining our organization as we share a similar goal of accelerating NFV adoption by ensuring reliable interoperability of all virtualized IP solutions.”

About NIA

The New IP Agency (NIA) is a not-for-profit independent initiative providing information, education, analysis, community services and testing to support and accelerate the development of a global economy based on open, advanced, virtualized IP networks.

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Ixia (Nasdaq: XXIA) provides testing, visibility, and security solutions, strengthening applications across physical and virtual networks for enterprises, service providers, and network equipment manufacturers. Ixia offers companies trusted environments in which to develop, deploy, and operate. Customers worldwide rely on Ixia to verify their designs, optimize their performance, and ensure protection of their networks to make their applications stronger. Learn more at

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