Company Overview

We make networks stronger.

Ixia provides testing, visibility, and security solutions, strengthening applications across physical and virtual networks for enterprises and governments, service providers and network equipment manufacturers (NEMs).

Ixia helps customers manage the unpredictable world of IT and protects them against security threats through actionable insight into the performance, stability and security of their applications and networks. Whether it is testing a product, validating the integrity of a security infrastructure or monitoring a real-time operation, Ixia can help.

Customers worldwide rely on Ixia’s solutions to verify their designs, optimize their performance, and ensure protection. Ixia offers companies trusted environments in which to develop, deploy, and operate.

Founded: May 1997
Employees: approximately 1,810 in 23 countries

Company Overview
The Ixia Difference

The Ixia Difference

The desire to stay ahead of customer needs fuels Ixia’s innovation.

Companies turn to Ixia to validate whether their products are ready to launch in the connected world. When products are ready to deploy, companies count on Ixia to test the integrity of their network and security infrastructure. And, when products are in operation, companies rely on Ixia to monitor network performance and expand their infrastructure without interruption.

The Ixia brand strengthens our customers’ entire experience from what they buy, to what they build, and to what they deliver. Our customers’ success motivates our innovative leadership.

Customer Focus

Ixia delivers a wide array of industry-first solutions in testing, visibility, and security. Ixia strives to anticipate how customer products will evolve, and to be there first with trusted insights from concept through operation.


For enterprise customers, Ixia solutions validate, secure, and optimize networks and applications throughout the product lifecycle from engineering concept to the customer. We minimize security blind spots in any network, and maximize security resilience by exposing vulnerabilities others miss.


For service providers, governments, and network equipment manufacturers, our solutions test, monitor, validate, optimize performance, and deliver better data for better decisions, regardless of network complexity.

Customer Focus
Product Portfolio

Test Applications

Test Hardware



Anticipate and develop next generation protocols, features, and attacks to test high-performance network and security products as well as Wi-Fi and 3G/4G/LTE networks in both pre-deployment and real-world conditions.


Security Products



Emulate current and next-generation attacks to evaluate the security strength of products.  Recognize these same attacks so they can be surgically blocked, boosting the performance and resilience of downstream security tools.


Visibility Products



Enable comprehensive network visibility to eliminate dangerous blindspots using taps for data access, bypass switches for resilient inline security, and network packet brokers for context-aware data processing and security intelligence. 

Trusted leader

of the Fortune 100 trust and use Ixia
of the top 50 carriers rely on Ixia
of the top 15 NEMs use Ixia
Key Milestones
  1. 2001

    • Launched first 10GE testing solution in Q1
  2. 2008

    • Delivered world’s first 100GE test system
  3. 2009

    • Delivered world’s first 40GE test system
    • Acquired wireless test company Catapult Communications
    • Acquired Agilent’s N2X IP test division
  4. 2011

    • Acquired Wi-Fi test company VeriWave
  5. 2012

    • Acquired leading network visibility provider Anue Systems
    • Acquired actionable security intelligence (ASI) pioneer BreakingPoint®
  6. 2013

    • Acquired leading network visibility provider Net Optics
  7. 2014

    • Introduced world’s first 400GE Test Platform
  8. 2015

    • Unveiled Virtualized Application and Security Resilience test solution
    • Launched ThreatARMOR™ to enhance security performance by eliminating traffic from known bad IP addresses
  9. 2016

    • First public demonstration of 50 GE interoperability on an open compute platform
    • Delivered first production-ready 100/50/25GbE test solution
    • Launched CloudLens™ Platform to deliver visibility across private, public, and hybrid clouds
    • Transformed development lifecycle for software developers with Ixia Developer™
  10. 2017

    • Launched industry's most modular, high density, network tap, Flex Tap VHD, February 2017
    • Announced CloudLens delivering Visibility-as-a-Service (VaaS) as a pure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, April 2017
    • Acquired by Keysight Technologies, April 2017

Channel Xcelerate Program

Ixia’s Channel Xcelerate Partner Program speeds delivery of powerful and profitable solutions to new and existing customers. Xcelerate Partners include: 

  • Resellers that market, sell, deliver, and support Ixia solutions
  • Technology Partners who collaborate with Ixia to deliver joint solutions to market, enhance user satisfaction, and ensure customer return on investment
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers who tightly integrate premier products with Ixia solutions to grow markets and reduce deployment complexity

Channel Xcelerate Programe

Service and Support

Service and Support

Ixia’s world-class global support and professional services staff provide remote support, on-site training, test development, and lab automation services.

Our comprehensive product support does more than ensure network uptime—it ensures a competitive edge. The Ixia support team partners with customers to:

  • Avoid network downtime and keep schedules on track
  • Implement new technologies and network upgrades according to industry specifications
  • Develop IT best practices to meet individual needs and objectives
  • Protect and maximize IT investments


At Ixia, what keeps us awake at night?

Staying ahead.

We live innovation. It is what drives us every day. We celebrate it as we continue to pioneer market-leading technologies. Our passion for innovation fuels our test business, which has to anticipate how the industry’s leading networking and security products will perform before they are designed. It fuels our visibility products, which have to see everything on the network and applications and distinguish between priority and unwanted traffic. And it fuels our security architectures which need to be aware of the latest threats and attacks. We nurture this zeal with advanced R&D at Ixia Labs, and our investment in an Application and Threat Intelligence Research Center. Our commitment: to deliver uncompromisingly strong products, solutions, and services to our customers—is what drives us—now, and in the future.

The world’s leading enterprises, networking manufacturers, governments, and service and solution providers trust us to ensure performance and security during every phase of the technology lifecycle, and so can you.

Corporate Philosophy