Testing to Solve Key IT Challenges

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Device & Network Validation


Manage your risk with informed and measured decisions and technology choices.

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Cloud Migration 



Right size your Cloud investments and migrate with confidence.

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IT Lifecyle Management



Keep pace with evolving threats and business requirements with continuous assessments.

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Test Services & Cyber Security Training


Shortage of cyber-security professionals calls for test services and better training.

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Device and Network Validation


Adopting new technology

Buying decisions that rely on best-case metrics found in data sheets often do not satisfy the intended production network need. Each network, traffic profile, and use case is different. With the right test tool, you’ll make buying decisions based on how a device will perform on your network. Whether you are looking at SD-WAN, unified communications or network security solutions Ixia enables confident deployments. Read a case study.

Upgrading hardware, firmware, or features 

Most systems deployed by IT are not plug-and-play. Proper configuration is critical to getting the most from your new technology and ensuring optimal security protection. You’ll need a test tool that simulates real-world traffic for both applications and malware to verify and fine-tune any new technology. Read about how to generate tests from production traffic.

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Cloud Migration



Migrating to the public cloud

Public cloud computing has considerable cost and elasticity advantages over physical on-premises solutions, but network security is a primary concern. Virtualize with confidence by testing your cloud performance and security prior to deployment.

Enabling cloud services

It’s often difficult to verify the efficacy and performance of cloud security services that operate outside your physical network. Safely simulate current threats and attacks in cloud environments to test your security and gain insight to proactively reduce your risk. Read the blog.

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IT Lifecycle Management

Managing Policies

In a network, every action has a reaction. The key for IT is to know in advance the network and quality of service impact of policy changes, whether activating firewall SSL decryption, enabling proxies, or additional security features. 

Applying Patches 

The constantly changing threat landscape, introduction of new technologies, and bug fixes force network upgrades. To avoid unplanned outages, new security loopholes, or detrimental user experience, IT requires test solutions for pre-deployment testing. Learn how to avoid the patch blame game in this on-demand webinar.

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Test Services and Cyber Training




Creating Cyber Ranges  

In today’s environment, IT personnel need a training ground to learn to combat hackers. Cyber ranges provide security professionals the hands-on experience to know their enemy. Read more. 

Test Services (TaaS)

Our portfolio of test services offloads the expensive, time-consuming, and risky business of technology testing. Read more.

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