Join Ixia’s Recep Ozdag—VP Product Management, Kris Raney—Sr. Architect—Cloud and Virtualization, and Murali Allada—Principal Software Engineer along with Greg Ferro, Author at Packet Pushers and Ethan Banks, Co-Founder of Packet Pushers for a podcast that covers how to access packet data in the cloud for security and monitoring.

Their discussion begins with an overview of traditional data center visibility tools and why they cannot meet the demands of a cloud infrastructure, covers the need for security and monitoring in the cloud, the benefits of a cloud-native solution, and details how Ixia’s CloudLens platform allows you to access, filter, and forward packet data in the public cloud.

As they move through these topics, they dig into some of the key considerations around the following:

  • Docker and container based models
  • The use of agents
  • Leveraging cloud metadata

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Kris Raney
Senior Architect Cloud and Virtualization
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YouTube: Ixia CloudLens Public with Kris Raney

Murali Allada
Principal Software Engineer
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About CloudLens

CloudLens™, Ixia's platform for public, private and hybrid cloud visibility addresses the challenges of granular data access in the cloud. CloudLens Public, the arm that supports public cloud platforms, is a cloud-native solution for organizations looking to secure and monitor their workloads in the cloud.

CloudLens Public is designed from the ground up to retain the elastic scale, flexibility, and agility benefits of the cloud.

A Cloud Visibility Ecosystem

CloudLens provides a single source for your security, monitoring, and analytics platforms to access data. With Ixia’s cloud visibility ecosystem, tools are integrated with CloudLens, so data is securely and seamless passed without any additional management overhead or architectural changes.


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