Ixia CloudLens Pricing

Ixia CloudLens Sensors are loaded onto Source Instances (i.e. Cloud servers running workload traffic to be monitored), as well as Tool Instances (i.e. Tools receiving the data). Instances may have one or more interfaces that require monitoring (e.g. eth0).

There are two components to CloudLens pricing;

  • Interface hours are applied towards each hour CloudLens sensor operates in monitoring the interface/s of the instance it is running on. As the number of interface hours of operation scale up the cost per interface hour of operation goes down. 
  • Bandwidth charges based on total Gigabytes / Terabytes of packet data transferred by the CloudLens sensors between source instances and tool instances. Charge per Gigabyte reduces as the amount of data transferred increases.
Available Tiers
Purchase CloudLens

There are two ways to purchase Ixia CloudLens

#1 Via https://store.ixiacom.com

  • Choose CloudLens from the Store, put into Cart, then Checkout
  • You will receive a 45 day free trial
  • Normal charges will apply after 45 days, and you will be required to provide billing information

#2 To pay via Purchase Order, you will buy ‘KeyCoins’. These KeyCoins are pre-purchased in bundles, and can be applied on a dollar for dollar basis at month end to offset monthly CloudLens Interface & Bandwidth charges. To inquire about purchasing KeyCoins, please contact cloudlens@ixiacom.com