IxLoad Training

Introduction to IxLoad™ (Free Online Course)

Introduction to IxLoad (Instructor-Led Course)

This course is an introduction to L4-7 testing with the IxLoad test application. The student will gain expertise at configuring, running, and analyzing performance tests for upper-layer protocols, including HTTP, FTP, VoIP using SIP, and multicast or unicast video over IP using RTSP signaling.

IxLoad Specialist BootCamp/Certification (Instructor-Led Course)

This BootCamp-style class will prepare the student with the necessary skills to effectively use their IxLoad system when they get back to their own lab. The first day provides the foundation knowledge of how to configure and analyze voice, video, and data tests using the latest version of IxLoad. The second day quickly dives into the more advanced features of IxLoad, including testing real devices and spending a majority of the time understanding the results. On the third and final day, the students will fully explore the IxAttackTM module within IxLoad and learn how to properly perform security tests and analysis. There will then be a review followed by the IxLoad Specialist Certification Exam.