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Introduction to IxNetwork™ (Free Online Course)

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Introduction to IxNetwork (Instructor-Led Course)

This one-day course introduces the IxNetwork test application for the performance and functional testing of L2-3 devices and networks. The course focuses on the use of control plane and data plane testing using the OSPF/ BGP routing protocols. After an IxNetwork product overview, the student will participate in hands-on lab exercises designed to demonstrate the capabilities, features, and measurement techniques of IxNetwork for the above protocol using the Wizard and learning how to make changes using the Grid. The student also learns how to send L2/3 Traffic over the configured protocols using the traffic wizards. The student will also be introduced to the Ingress and Egress tracking capability within the traffic configuration and learn how to verify QoS policy configured in the DUT.

IxNetwork Specialist BootCamp/Certification (Instructor-Led Course)

This three-day BootCamp-style class will prepare the student with the necessary skills to effectively use their IxNetwork system when they get back to their own lab. The first day provides the foundation knowledge of how to configure and analyze BGP and OSPF tests using the latest version of IxNetwork. The second day quickly dives into the more advanced features of IxNetwork, including testing real devices and spending a majority of the time understanding the results. On the third and final day, the students will fully explore the more complex modules within IxNetwork and learn how to work with the product’s automation framework. There will then be a review, followed by the IxNetwork Specialist Certification Exam.