今日のIPネットワークとそれを支えるデバイスは複雑です。 エンドユーザーのネットワークデバイスの使用に必要なスキルは、同一デバイスのテストに求められるスキルとはまるで異なります。 IPネットワークのテストには拡張性、パフォーマンス、プロトコル適格性、ストレスについて異なる考え方が必要となります。


Ixia offers a flexible range of training and certification. Education options include:

Self-paced online learning - a variety of free online courses allowing users to learn the basics of leveraging a variety of Ixia test solutions.

  • Introduction to Ixia
  • Introduction to IxNetwork
  • Introduction to IxLoad

Instructor-led training - for comprehensive instruction and hands-on lab experience.

  • Single Customer On-Site classes
    • IxNetwork
    • Hawkeye
    • BreakingPoint
    • IxLoad
    • IxChariot
    • Cyber Range

Test equipment must be flexible and powerful to test state-of-the-art equipment. Though Ixia® test platforms offer a number of hardware interface options and software applications with similar capabilities and interfaces, each is designed to tackle a different aspect of IP network testing and uses different concepts and paradigms. To get the most from your Ixia test platform, you need the formal training provided by Ixia's Worldwide Educational Services. Training can be especially valuable to those new to Ixia equipment and applications specifically, or to IP testing in general. Better-trained technicians can answer more of their own questions and take additional diagnostic steps toward resolving device-under-test and test-application problems, reducing calls to Ixia support and speeding deployment of products and services.



  •     More rapid, higher return on your Ixia test platform investment
  •     Fast track to Ixia application proficiency – producing more productive testers
  •     Shorten product and service development cycles because your test professionals will get it right the first time
  •     Proficiency to employ more of the features and capabilities of Ixia's products, resulting in more thoroughly-tested products
  •     Develop confidence and self-esteem, increasing employee morale