IxProbe Data Sheet - Cover



Whether you’re a service provider who delivers SLAs or an enterprise who depends on them, monitoring the branch sites is critically important. However, without access to the infrastructure that supplies last-mile connectivity, this is exceedingly difficult, leaving you blind to a host of potential problems, including:

  • Erratic SLA delivery
  • Slower troubleshooting and MTTR
  • Additional truck rolls (and potential false alarms)
  • Low customer satisfaction

Take Control Of the Last Mile with IxProbe. Download the datasheet to discover IxProbe can help you:

  • Verify SLAs with synthetic QoS testing
  • Monitor branch site uptime with heartbeats and SNMP polling
  • Troubleshoot faster with Hawkeye active monitoring
  • Improve operational efficiency with single-pane-of-glass management