IxProbe + Hawkeye SB Cover


IxProbe + Hawkeye:サービスプロバイダーによるラストマイル配信の制御の支援

Connectivity is the heartbeat of business, and service providers supply the pulse. Retailers and other multi-site organizations depend on service level agreements (SLAs) to keep their businesses running safely and smoothly, they count on you to fulfill them with minimal disruption and latency.

But what if you cannot monitor and verify the speeds you have promised?

When you partner with peers to supply last-mile connectivity, you lose visibility and control. Read this solution brief to discover how to take control of last-mile blind spots with IxProbe and Hawkeye, enabling you to:

  • Actively monitor and verify SLAs
  • Offer lucrative service assurance to clients
  • Improve operational efficiency with a unified monitoring architecture