Model Name


Part Number


Hardware Load Module Specifications

Slot / Number of Ports

1-slot / 4x100GbE native CFP4 ports

Physical Interfaces

Native CFP4 (with 4x25Gb/s electrical interface)

CPU and Memory

Multicore processors with 4GB of memory per processor

IEEE Interface Protocols

  • IEEE 802.3 100GBASE-R
  • IEEE 802.3bj
  • IEEE P802.3bm

Transceiver Support

  • 100GBASE-LR4 CFP4 for single mode fiber
    • Pluggable transceiver
  • 100GBASE-SR4 CFP4 for multimode fiber
    • Pluggable transceiver

Advanced Layer 1 Support

  • 100GE:
    • Auto-negotiation (AN, Clause 73 copper cable assembly)
    • 이더넷 Forward Error Correction (FEC , Clause 91)
    • FEC statistics: RS-FEC Corrected and Uncorrected Codeword Counts
    • Ability to independently turn ON or OFF AN and FEC, or to allow IEEE defaults to manage the interoperability

Operating Temperature Range

  • 41°F to 95°F (5°C to 35°C), ambient air
  • 0% to 85%, non-condensing

Load Module Dimensions

  • 16.1” (L) x 1.3” (W) x 12.0” (H)
  • 409mm (L) x 33mm (W) x 305mm (H)

Load Module Weights

  • Module only: 13.15 lbs. (5.96 kg)
  • Shipping: 16.95 lbs. (7.69 kg)

Chassis Capacity: Maximum Number of Cards and Ports per Chassis Model

XGS12-SD Chassis[i] (940-0011)

10 load modules: 40-ports of 100GbE

XGS12-HS Chassis[i] (940-0006)

10 load modules: 40-ports of 100GbE

XGS12-HSL Chassis[i] (940-0016)

10 load modules: 40-ports of 100GbE

XGS2-SD Chassis (940-0010)

2 load modules: 8-ports of 100GbE

XGS2-HS Chassis (940-0012)

2 load modules: 8-ports of 100GbE

XGS2-HSL Chassis (940-0014)

2 load moduleS: 8-ports of 100GbE

Transmit Feature Specifications

Transmit Engine

Wire-speed packet generation with timestamps, sequence numbers, data integrity signature, and packet group signatures

Max. Streams per Port

100GbE: 128

Max. Streams per Port in Data Center 이더넷

100GbE: 128

Stream Controls

Rate and frame size change on the fly, sequential and advanced stream scheduler

Minimum Frame Size


  • 60 bytes and greater at full line rate
  • 49 bytes at less than full line rate

Maximum Frame Size

14,000 bytes

Maximum Fame Size in Data Center 이더넷

9,216 bytes

Priority Flow Control

  • 8 line-rate-capable queues with each supporting up to 2,500 byte frame lengths
  • 1 queue supporting up to 9,216 byte frame lengths

Frame Length Controls

Fixed, increment by user-defined step, weighted pairs, uniform, repeatable random, IMIX, and Quad Gaussian

User Defined Fields (UDF):

Fixed, increment or decrement by user-defined step, sequence, value list, and random configurations. Up to ten 32-bit wide UDFs are available.

  • Value Lists (Max.)

4 million / UDF

  • Sequence (Max.)

256K / UDF

Error Generation

Generate good CRC or force bad CRC, undersize and oversize standard 이더넷 frame lengths, and bad checksum

Hardware Checksum Generation

Checksum generation and verification for IPv4, IP over IP, IGMP/GRE/TCP/UDP, L2TP, GTP

Link Fault Signaling

Reports, no fault, remote fault, and local fault port statistics. Generate local and remote faults with controls for the number of faults and order of faults, plus the ability to select the option to have the transmit port ignore link faults from a remote link partner.

Latency Measurement Resolution

100GbE: 2.5 nanoseconds

Intrinsic Latency Compensation

Removes inherent latency error from the 100GbE port electronics

Transmit Line Clock Adjustment

Ability to adjust the parts per million line frequency over a range of -100 ppm to +100 ppm per port or resource group

Receive Feature Specifications

Receive Engine

Wire-speed packet filtering, capturing, real-time latency and inter-arrival time for each packet group, with data integrity, sequence and advanced sequence checking capability

Trackable Receive Flows per Port

100GbE: 512K

Minimum Frame Size


  • 60 bytes and greater at full line rate
  • 49 bytes at less than full line rate

Filters (User-Defined Statistics, UDS)

2 SA/DA pattern matchers, 2x16-byte user-definable patterns with offsets capability for start of: frame, IP, or protocol. Up to 6 UDS counters are available.

Hardware Capture Buffer per Port or Resource Group

100GbE: 2GB per port

Statistics and Rates

Link state, line speed, frames sent, valid frames received, bytes sent/received, fragments, undersize, oversize, CRC errors, VLAN tagged frames, 6 user-defined stats, capture trigger (UDS 3), capture filter (UDS 4), 8 QoS counters, data integrity frames, data integrity errors, sequence and advanced sequence checking frames, sequence checking errors, ARP, and PING requests and replies, FEC statistics: RS-FEC Corrected and Uncorrected Codeword Counts

PCS Lanes Port Statistics

PCS Sync Errors, Illegal Codes, Remote Faults, Local Faults, Illegal Ordered Set, Illegal Idle, Illegal SOF, Out Of Order SOF, Out Of Order EOF, Out Of Order Data, Out Of Order Ordered Set

Latency / Jitter Measurements

Cut-through, store & forward, forwarding delay, up to 16 time bins latency/jitter, MEF jitter, and inter-arrival time

Layer 2-7 Protocol Support


L2/3 Routing, Bridging, and Timing

  • Carrier 이더넷: Link OAM, CFM/Y.1731, PBB/PBB_TE, E-LMI, 1588v2 (PTP), ESMC, TWAMP


Data Center 이더넷/SDN

  • Priority Class-Based Flow Control (IEEE802.1Qbb), FCoE/FIP, LLDP/DCBX, VNTAG/VNIC, VEPA, FabricPath, TRILL, SPBM, OpenFlow, VXLAN, Segment Routing ISIS


Broadband Access

  • Broadband: DHCPv4/v6, PPPoX / L2TP, ANCP, IPv6 Autoconfiguration, DHCPv4/v6 over EoGRE, IGMP/MLD, IPTV One-time (IGMP / MLD Join / Leave latency), AMT
  • Authentication: 802.1x, WebAuth, EAPoUDP, Cisco NAC


Layer 4-7 Application Traffic Testing Support

  • Data protocol support for HTTP, SSL, FTP/TFTP, email (SMTP, POP3, IMAP), IPv4, IPv6, VLAN, ER


Application Support

Xcellon-Multis CFP4+ENH Load Module

  • IxExplorer: Layer 2-3 wire-speed traffic generation and analysis and Layer 1 BERT and IEEE 802.3ba HSE PCS Lanes testing.
  • IxNetwork: Wire-rate traffic generation with service modeling that builds realistic, dynamically-controllable data-plane traffic. IxNetwork offers the industry's best test solution for functional and performance testing by using comprehensive emulation for routing, switching, MPLS, IP multicast, broadband, authentication, Carrier 이더넷, and data center 이더넷 protocols.
  • IxLoad: A scalable solution for testing converged multiplay services, application delivery platforms, and security devices and systems. IxLoad emulates data, voice, and video subscribers and associated protocols to ensure quality of experience (QoE).[ii]
  • Tcl API: Custom user script development for layer 1-7 testing.

[1] The Xcellon-Multis load modules may not be placed into slots 1 and 12 of the XGS12-HS, XGS12-SD, and XG12 chassis. Please consult your factory sales representative for further information.

[2] The IxLoad application supports only the set of protocols listed in the Load Module Specification Table.

Key Features
  • 단일 고밀도 테스트 로드 모듈의 포트, 대역폭, 유연성, 기능 및 마력 증가
  • 단일 11RU 랙마운트 섀시에 100GbE 포트를 최대 40개까지 지원하여 총 소유 비용 감소
  • 새로운 100GBASE-SR4, 자동 절충, FEC 및 100GBASE-LR4 상호 운용성, 기능 및 성능 테스트를 위한 훌륭한 테스트 플랫폼
  • CXP 및 QSFP28과 같은 다른 Xcellon-Multis 100GbE 제품에 공통적인 광범위한 기능 집합

Xcellon HSE 테스트의 진화

HIGHER SPEED 이더넷 테스트의 진화

기업, 인터넷 사업자 및 글로벌 데이터 센터에 대한 대역폭 요구사항이 급속하게 증가함에 따라 10GbE 및 40GbE 기술에 대한 압박도 커지고 있습니다. 인터넷 사업자와 데이터 센터는 이러한 요구를 충족시킬 수 있는 고밀도 100GbE 네트워킹 인프라 솔루션에 관심을 갖고 있으며 장비 제조업체는 경쟁력 유지를 위해 포트 밀도를 급격히 높이고 있습니다. Ixia가 기본 CFP4 인터페이스 기술을 지원하기 시작하면서 장비 제조업체는 Ixia의 고밀도 100GbE Load Module을 사용하여 블레이드당 포트 4개가 있는 고밀도 100GbE로의 전환을 지원할 수 있게 되었습니다. 인터넷 사업자 데이터 센터의 경우, 기본 CFP4 지원을 바탕으로 100GbE 포트 밀도를 높일 수 있는 작은 폼 팩터와 레거시 CFP 관리 제어 능력, 최대 10km 범위의 광학 성능을 제공합니다. CFP4는 100GbE 테스트 솔루션의 전체 랙 공간 및 필요 전력량을 줄이는 동시에 네트워크 대역폭을 향상시킵니다.

Xcellon-Multis는 기본적인 상호 운용성 및 기능 테스트에서 포트 수가 많은 환경의 성능 테스트에 이르는 네트워크 장비 제조업체 테스트 요구를 충족시킬 수 있는 세계 최초의 기본 CFP4 100GbE 테스트 솔루션입니다. 이와 같은 장비를 자체 네트워크에서 구현하려는 인터넷 사업자와 대기업에서도 설치 전에 성능과 기능을 검증하기 위해 바로 이러한 테스트 솔루션이 필요합니다.

세계 최초의 기본 CFP4 100GbE 테스트 모듈 Xcellon-Multis 기본 CFP4 4x100GbE, 1슬롯 load 모듈