Image of DDoS Attack Simulation White Paper


자체 연구실에서 DDoS 공격 시뮬레이션

DDoS attacks are a big risk to any business with an online presence. Even a basic test of a DDoS attack can help you discover critical data, including how many packets are dropped by your DDoS mitigation solution, how your mitigation solution actually functions in a real attack, what level of service you are able to provide while under attack, and how your people and process react to and withstand an attack.

In this guide, we present three options for simulating a DDoS attack in your own lab:
• Tier 1 — Simulating a basic attack using open-source software and readily available computing resources
• Tier 2 — Simulating a more complex single-link attack usingnprofessional network testing software — Ixia BreakingPoint Virtual Edition
• Tier 3 — Simulating a high-speed, multi-site attack between 10 Gbps and 960 Gbps using Ixia’s PerfectStorm hardware,
which can simulate traffic from up to millions of attacking computers

Download the document to further understand how Ixia products and solutions can meet your test, visibility, or security challenges.