Ixia solutions give you insight into service quality and user experience at the edge of your expanding network.

Ixia offers the industry's most affordable edge-dedicated packet broker.

Vision E1S Network Packet Broker

Ixia's most affordable packet broker come pre-installed with the Hawkeye performance monitoring solution, for cost-effective monitoring at branch offices and remote sites.

Ixia's Hawkeye Active Monitoring solution lets you run what-if scenarios and automatic continuous monitoring

Hawkeye — Network Performance Monitoring

Ixia's Hawkeye performance monitoring solutions lets you run 'what-if' simulations and automate continuous monitoring.

Featured Partner: Riverbed

Packets are the ultimate source of truth in network operations. Ixia provides Riverbed's SteelCentral AppResponse solution with all the packets it needs to accelerate problem diagnosis and resolution. Download these assets to learn more.


We can help you monitor performance at your network edge.