Looking for a safer inline security solution?

Ixia solutions protect your network from tool outages and block malicious traffic inline.

Failsafe bypass switches protect network uptime

Bypass Switches

Failsafe devices ensure network uptime and ensure continuous security monitoring.

Block malicious traffic--including botnets and ransomware

ThreatARMOR Security Appliance

Block up to 80% of malicious traffic — including botnets and ransomware. Dashboard presents details on all blocked sites.

NPBs with SecureStack functionality let you see inside encrypted traffic

Vision Portfolio with SecureStack

SecureStack functionality on an Ixia NPB lets you see inside traffic encrypted with Passive or Active SSL. 

Featured Partner: Cisco

Ixia's network visibility solution integrates with Cisco's inline security products to show you who is on your network and deliver the analysis you need to take defensive action quickly. Download these assets to learn more.


We can protect your network during inline security monitoring.