NET OPTICS is now a part of ixia

In October 2013, Ixia purchased Net Optics of Santa Clara, CA and its industry-leading products for accessing packets on live networks. The company was originally founded in 1996 and was the first to develop a virtual tap to support the industry’s move to software-defined infrastructure. They also developed an external bypass switch to support inline security monitoring. In 2012, Net Optics introduced a packet broker product that provided network engineers with application layer intelligence for use in network monitoring and deep packet inspection. 

Today, many of Ixia’s products for accessing network data from a live network are based on technology acquired from Net Optics.

Net Optics - acquired by Ixia in 2013

Former Net Optics products: 

Equivalent Ixia products:

Taps, Aggregators, & Regenerators

Ixia Taps, Aggregators, & Regenerators for reliable access to live network traffic

Bypass switches

Ixia iBypass Switches to protect the production network from inline device outages and failures

xStream 10 and xStream 40 packet brokers and xBalancer, a load balancing module

Ixia Vision Series network packet brokers with automatic load balancing

Indigo Pro management interface

Ixia Fabric Controller Centralized Manager, a single pane of glass for managing multi-vendor NPBs, as well as taps, and bypasses

Phantom vTap (or Phantom Virtualization Tap), Phantom HD, Phantom Manager

Ixia CloudLens for access to network packets from the virtualization or hypervisor layer