Frost & Sullivan 2017 Global Network Packet Brokers Market Leadership Award

Frost and Sullivan NPB award


Ixia Network Packet Broker (NPB) solutions secured the 2017 Global Market Leadership Award from Frost and Sullivan through continuous focus on excellence in security, network monitoring, and performance.

Frost and Sullivan’s award recognizes Ixia’s leadership in demonstrating and delivering superior value to customers along with establishing differentiated competitive positioning to build a strong brand.

By providing high performance and superior visibility into the network, without any loss of data capture, Ixia NPBs have achieved such brand recognition in the end-to-end monitoring market that they are considered a one-stop-shop solution for service providers and enterprises.

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Designed for Performance

While your Network Packet Broker (NPB) was likely designed specifically to aggregate, filter, and otherwise process packets, it was architected decades ago based on off-the-shelf hardware and CPU. When it comes to handling the exponential growth in data plus performing intensive data processing, the answer as to whether your NPB can handle the pressure is probably not.

Old architectures just cannot keep up unless they were designed explicitly with this in mind. Only one NPB provider did that. Ixia.

Performance matters

The Difference of Hardware Accelerators

Field Programmable Gate Arrays

Ixia’s family of NPBs has likewise been around for over a decade, but was architected based on high performance hardware purpose-built for processing packets.

Using a Field Programmable Gate Array, or FPGA, provides for a dedicated hardware accelerator chip to process packets at line rate with absolutely NO packet loss even at today’s scale.

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