Mihail Constantinescu

Principal Software Engineer at Ixia

Mihail Constantinescu lives in Bucharest, Romania, and has been with Ixia since 2004. He worked mostly on the IxChariot product, as a software developer, team lead and Scrum Master. In recent years, Mihail was involved in turning IxChariot into a web product capable of testing cloud systems. He is currently excited about working with his colleagues to bring new features to IxChariot and improve the user experience.

Mihail likes to spend his vacations travelling to new places and enjoys reading popular science and science-fiction books. He listens to all kinds of music and has produced few mixes of his favorite electronic and ’90 dance music. He also likes to play computer games from time to time. While not a very active person, Mihail loves the Romanian mountains and goes to hiking trips at least a few times a year.