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IxANVL Image
The industry standard for automated network protocol validation
Ixia IxLoad Wireless
End-to-end performance testing for wireless networks and components
L2-3 network infrastructure performance testing that scales to business needs
10/100 to 10/100/1000 Port Aggregator Tap
Simultaneous passive access to aggregated full-duplex traffic
100/50/25 GbE Load Modules
World’s first 100/50/25GbE test solution
1Gb Fiber Port Aggregator
Ultra-efficient access to aggregated full-duplex traffic for critical links
400Tv2 Chassis
Portable platform supporting integrated test controller
ATM Load Module
Router and broadband aggregation device testing
Image of the NTO-5263
High-density, NEBS Level 3-compliant 40GE/10GE/1GE network monitoring switch
ControlTower Supervisor NTO 5260
Manage complex, distributed environments easily from a single user interface
Ixia Developer
Agile application performance and security resilience test tool to help developers find bugs early
Simulates massive scale application and security traffic to validate infrastructure resiliency
FUSION Xcellon-Lava
Dual-speed, 40/100GbE HSE load module with CFP and QSFP+ interfaces
Gigabit Ethernet XMSP12 LAN Services Module
Complete layer 2-7 network and application testing functionality in a single XM test system
Gigabit Ethernet XMVR LAN Services Modules
16-port reduced performance load module for affordable L2-3 network testing
Gigabit Fiber to 1000Base-TX Media Converter Tap
Simplify connecting Gigabit copper monitoring and security devices to Gigabit fiber network links
Ixia Hawkeye
Automate network performance checks and improve the application delivery experience
iBypass VHD
Very high density 12-segment 10Gbps intelligent bypass switch
iLink Agg 10/100/1000 (La-2407, LA-2408)
Key component for building a comprehensive, consolidated monitoring infrastructure
iLink aggregator
1G link aggregator that combines traffic from multiple network links or Span ports into one single interface
iTap 10Gb Fiber Port Aggregator
Network monitoring made dramatically easier
Ixia Iot
Comprehensive test and assessment for IoT devices
Traffic generator and performance analyzer
Integrate traffic generation and performance analysis
Ixia Load Module
Plug-in network preparedness
Ensuring wireless core scales while delivering quality of experience
Network Packet Brokers
Easy-to-use, intelligent filtering and distribution of traffic