Ixia Visibility Products

Network Packet Brokers
Easy-to-use, intelligent filtering and distribution of traffic, including Layer 7 application flows and encrypted secure sockets layer (SSL), at line rate with zero loss of packets
Network Packet Brokers

Vision ONE

All-in-one tool that provides high-performance, lossless visibility

NTO 7300

High-density, modular platform for high performance, intelligent visibility

NTO 5288

High-density, high availability switch for 1GE, 10GE, 40GE and 100G

NTO 5236

Entry level visibility appliance with lossless packet processing at 1GE and 10GE
Network Performance Monitoring


Automate network performance checks and improve the application delivery experience
Visibility Intelligence

An intelligent and contextual visibility framework to ensure high performance and secure application delivery


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Network Access
High-performance, plug-and-play solutions that provide permanent access to network traffic for optimal network monitoring and security – without introducing costly bottlenecks or points of failure

Network Taps

Reliable data access family of products for monitoring live network traffic

Bypass Switches

Failsafe devices to ensure uptime and high availability of monitoring and security deployments

Tap Aggregators

Combine traffic from multiple network links for improved network monitoring

Phantom vTap

Get visibility into the traffic between virtual machines in virtualized environments.

Centralized performance, fault monitoring, and configuration management


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