To meet the growing bandwidth requirements of data networks, network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) and their customers are looking to 400GE networking solutions. Ixia’s 400GE Higher Speed Ethernet (HSE) test solutions are integral to ensuring they meet performance, quality, and conformance requirements.

Reliance on networking permeates every aspect of our world. Technologies such as cloud computing, streaming video, and fast-growing segments of Global IP traffic such as smartphone, mobile, and wireless devices necessitate larger and faster data centers. A recent report has stated that bandwidth requirements from Global IP networks—whether local area, data center, access, or core, will increase by a factor of 3 times in the next 5 years. Networks and network devices must evolve beyond 100GE speeds and capabilities to keep pace.

400GE addresses a broad range of bandwidth requirements for key areas such as cloud-scale data centers, Internet exchanges, co-location services, wireless infrastructure, service provider networks, and video distribution infrastructure.

NEMs around the globe are racing to bring 400GE products to market. Ixia’s QSFP-DD and CFP8-400GE test systems shorten development and test times for these NEMs—accelerating critical time to market. Our 400GE load module validate the development of IEEE 802.3bs-compliant 400GE networking systems, helping critical-path, development teams create innovative networking technologies of the future.


Download the 400GE Forward Error Correction (FEC) Poster.


Ixia-developed 400GE MAC, PCS, and FEC engines for true interoperability with other IEEE 802.3bs vendor IP, and to provide customers with quick response time.

Now, customers can create, test, and verify the interoperability of their next-generation HSE technologies, while maximizing their 400GE test investment. Ixia’s QSFP-DD and CFP8-400GE test systems deliver cutting-edge, wire-rate packet generation at 400GE below the minimum and above the maximum Ethernet frame sizes.

Ixia’s offers both full-feature and reduced-feature products to meet different test requirements and budget sizes from the hardware/ASIC bring-up teams that need L1 testing and line-rate packet blasting, to those QA, software integration, and protocol teams requiring high-performance L2-7 product performance and protocol analysis.

Key Features

  • Line-rate 400Gbps packet generation, capture, and analysis of received traffic
  • Line-rate per-port and per-flow statistics
  • High latency measurement resolution at 0.625ns
  • RS-544 (KP4) Forward Error Correction (FEC)
  • FEC error injection with a comprehensive set of statistics
  • Inject packet errors: CRC, runts, giants, alignments, and Out of Sequence
  • Standard Ixia instrumentation including timestamp, sequence number and flow identification, and data integrity
  • Layer 1 BERT: 8 independent lanes of 56Gb/s PRBS pattern generation and error checking over QSFP-DD; 16 independent lanes of 25Gb/s PRBS pattern generation and error checking over CFP8
  • 400G PCS lanes Transmit, Error Injection testing and Receive measurement: Per-lane controls and status, FEC and error monitoring, error insertion, lane skew and swapping
  • +/-100 PPM adjustment

validate 400GE chips, devices, and networks