Application and Threat Intelligence Subscription

Problem: Keeping up with ever-evolving threats

Service providers and network equipment managers face unprecedented pressure to ensure equipment and systems will perform reliably and properly protect networks from the most advanced malicious traffic. But as new security threats surface every week, staying on top of today’s threat landscape is a full-time job, requiring constant vigilance and in-depth research. Adding to the workload is the need to constantly update security solutions in order to stay a step ahead of attackers.ATIP

solution: Rigorous and comprehensive testing using current intelligence

Ixia’s Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) subscription service takes the legwork out of network protection by providing real-time data feeds with up-to-the-moment threat intelligence. This intelligence ensures that the highest standards of security performance are being met, even as threats multiply.

Ixia’s ATI service works by aggregating critical information on newly discovered attacks and malware from proprietary research, strategic customer relationships, and carrier feeds. The result is the most up-to-date simulation and testing platforms possible, including Ixia’s BreakingPoint™, IxLoad™, and IxNetwork™.  In addition, we automatically provide major feature updates—including all-in-one test labs and performance upgrades—to all ATI subscription customers, along with a full range of support options. 


270+ Stateful Application Protocols See our supported application protocols
Evergreen Applications Protocol Support
  • Yahoo! Groups
  • Yahoo! Chat
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • AOL Mail
  • AOL Chat
  • Web ICQ
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Windows Live Mail
  • Rediff Mail
  • Google Mail
Industry’s Most Complete Security Attacks
  • 6,000+ security strikes and 150+ evasion techniques
  • 36,000+ pieces of live malware, including mobile malware, which can be launched through multiple transports, including HTTP, SMTP, POP, and IMAP, and embedded within popular file types such as .doc, .pdf, .ppt, and .xls
  • The industry’s most comprehensive Microsoft® Tuesday coverage
  • Comprehensive set of DDoS tests
  • The ability to direct attacks at networking devices or target servers
  • Application layer fuzzing to detect previously unknown vulnerabilities

Key features

Provides comprehensive software updates and enhancements
Offers frequent application protocol releases to library of 240+ applications
Conducts research into emerging security vulnerabilities
Delivers frequent security updates to library of 35K+ security attacks, evasion techniques, and pieces of live malware