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2019 will herald the beginning of 400GE deployments. Operators understand that 400GE is the most cost-effective way to keep up with the exponential growth of data center traffic. Current switch silicon will enable capacities of 32-ports of 400GE in a 1-to-2 RU size, and even higher-port-density devices are on the near horizon. To realize the cost efficiencies of 400GE, the highest density in the smallest size is key to reduce power, cooling, cabling, and rackspace.

When it comes to testing new 400GE equipment, the same is true. Introducing Ixia’s AresONE 8-port 400GE test solution—all in an industry’s-smallest, 2 rack-unit fixed chassis. Available in QSFP-DD and OSFP variants, it offers four times the density of any other test solution. 

400GE testing that’s available now!

AresOne is the ONLY production-released 8-port 400GE solution capable of generating up to 3.2Tbps of traffic. Available in QSFP-DD and OSFP form factors, the new AresONE "fixed chassis" form factor meets customer requirements for ultra-high-density testing with less rackspace, power, and cooling. With over 300+ ports of AresOne sold worldwide, our second-generation 400GE solution is being used by the top network equipment manufacturers (NEMs), switch silicon/ASIC manufacturers, cloud service providers and carriers to validate and test their 400GE products and network rollouts.

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Test all features, at all speeds

Test all features, at all speeds

With the AresONE test solution, you can validate not just 400GE but also other speeds since each port can be used to test 2x200GE, 4x100GE, or 8x50GE multi-rate Ethernet using the same AresONE hardware. Our extensive test capabilities include comprehensive RS-544 forward error correction (FEC) testing and statistics, FEC symbol error injection testing, L1 BERT and the broadest L2/3 protocol coverage, scale, and performance testing with IxNetwork.

Flexibility to fit your budget with pay as you grow

When it comes to test hardware and software, AresONE offers you the flexibility to grow with your needs and fit your budget. That's why we made AresONE available in 4-port and 8-port reduced and full models that are field-upgradable from 4-ports to 8-ports, as well as reduced- to full-performance models. While the reduced-performance models are used for packet blasting and RFC benchmarking, the full-performance models are ideal to test carrier-class routers and switches to validate performance and scale of networking protocols. 

Flexibility to fit your budget with pay as you grow
Key Features
  • High port density with 8-ports of 400GE per fixed, 2 RU chassis
  • Supports QSFP-DD and OSFP pluggable interfaces
  • Multi-rate Ethernet with each port supporting line-rate 1x400GE and an optional fan-out for 2x200GE, 4x100GE, and 8x50GE speeds
  • First-to-Market support for 4x100GE NRZ testing from a QSFP-DD PAM4 port using AEC conversion technology
  • Ixia’s IxNetwork can validate high-scale Layer 2/3 multi-protocol devices for performance and scalability over 400/200/100/50GE speeds
  • Comprehensive L1 BERT, RS-544 FEC statistics, FEC symbol error density distribution and PCS/FEC symbol error injection test
  • Simplify Layer 1 BERT and PCS lanes Tx/Rx standards’ Pass/Fail validation with IxSuiteStore 400GE Transceiver and PCS Testing suite

"Proving that next generation 400GE optics can deliver 3.2 Tb speeds are an integral part getting the 400GE ecosystem ready for our customers. Demonstrations of interoperability using a proven test system such as Ixia‘s AresONE are key to bringing 400GE to market.”

Osa Mok, Chief Marketing Officer of InnoLight Technology

"Through strategic collaborations, we are providing the expertise needed to achieve solutions that not only meet the needs of the industry, but also support the speeds that are required for the next-generation of high-speed, high-density networking."

Scott Sommers, group product manager at Molex and co-chair of the QSFP-DD MSA

Thank you, Keysight Technologies for your valuable partnership, as we enable 400G. Our strategic partners have been key to our growth.

Arrcus LinkedIn Post

“We are excited to partner with Keysight to drive 12.8 Tbps TERALYNX switch performance using Keysight’s 400GE solution. Achieving this performance at up to 400GbE speeds is important as we work with customers, system vendors and copper and optical interconnect ecosystem partners to drive successful adoption of solutions based on TERALYNX.”

Amit Sanyal, vice president of product management and marketing of Innovium

Let us help you build high-performing 400GE devices and networks.