Key Features
  • The world’s highest traffic generation and protocol emulation scale and performance test solution for QSFP-DD interfaces
  • Multi-rate Ethernet with each port supporting line-rate 1x400GE and an optional fan-out for 2x200GE, 4x100GE, and 8x50GE speeds
  • First-to-market support for 4x100GE NRZ testing from a QSFP-DD PAM4 port using AEC conversion technology
  • Ixia’s IxNetwork can validate ultra-high-scale Layer 2/3 multi-protocol, multi-service protocol devices for performance and scalability over 400/200/100/50GE speeds
  • Test on a massive data-plane scale in 400GE, 2x200GE, 4x100GE fan-out mode with no reduction in number of transmit streams and receive-side tracking per flow with full line-rate traffic and multi-protocol test scenarios
  • Comprehensive L1 BERT, RS-544 FEC statistics, FEC symbol error density distribution, and PCS/FEC symbol error injection test
  • Simplify Layer 1 BERT and PCS lanes Tx/Rx standards’ Pass/Fail validation with IxSuiteStore 400GE Transceiver and PCS Testing suite

WORLD'S HIGHEST-SCALE 400GE Traffic and Protocol Emulation Performance

Ixia’s AresONE-400GE High Performance fixed chassis provides the world’s highest-scale 400GE traffic generation, and network protocol emulation. AresONE High Performance goes beyond just performance and benchmark testing of your high-density 12.8Tbps networking devices—it delivers massive protocol scale on every fan-out port for unparalleled traffic generation performance and receive-side measurement scale over its supported 8x200GE, 16x100GE, and 32x50GE ports.

AresONE High Performance is the only test solution that does not lose transmit stream capability and receive-side measurement tracking and measurement capability due to fan-out to 2x200GE and 4x100GE. Even the 8x50GE per-port transmit and receive capacities vastly surpass the competition.


Let us help you build high-performing 400GE devices and networks.