300+ application protocols, including Yahoo!® Mail and Messenger, Google® Gmail, Skype®, BitTorrent™, eDonkey, RADIUS, SIP, RTSP, RTP, HTTP, SSL, Facebook®, Twitter Mobile, YouTube®, and Apple® FaceTime®, as well as other mobile, social, and gaming protocols—with Multicast support

Wireless Interfaces

  • S1-U (eNodeB and SGW sides)
  • S1-MME (eNodeB side)
  • SGi (PDN side)
  • S5/8 (SGW and PGW sides)
  • S11 (MME and SGW sides)
  • Gn (SSGN and GGSN sides)
  • Wireless Protocols Supported:
    • S1AP
    • GTP-C v1, GTP-C v2, GTP-U v1
    • SCTP (over UDP or IP)

Wireless Operational Modes

  • User Equipment
  • 3G GGSN
  • 3G SGSN
  • eNodeB/MME (GTPv2)
  • eNodeB/MME/SGW (GTPv2)
  • eNodeB (S1AP/ GTPv1)
  • PGW

Network Access

  • IPv4/IPv6 Static Hosts
  • IPv4/IPv6 External Hosts
  • IPv4/IPv6 DHCP Hosts
  • IPv4/IPv6 DHCP Server
  • IPv6 SLAAC + Stateless DHCPv6
  • VLAN
  • IPv4/IPv6 Router
  • 6rd CE Routers
  • DS-Lite B4 and AFTR
  • IPv4/IPv6 DNS
  • IPsec IKEv1/IKEv2
  • NAT Support

Test Methodologies/Labs

  • RFC 2544 Lab
  • DDoS Lab
  • Multicast Lab
  • Lawful Intercept Lab
  • Session Sender Lab
  • LTE Lab
  • Device Validation Lab
  • MultiBox testing
  • Resiliency Score (Not supported on PerfectStorm 100GE)
  • Data Center Resiliency
  • LTE Lab

Security Exploits and Malware

  • 37,000+ total attacks
  • 6,000+ exploits
  • 30,000+ malware
  • 100+ evasion classes

Attacks include:

  • IP-based DoS attack types:
    • ICMP flood test case
    • ICMP fragmentation test case
    • Ping flood test case
  • UDP-based DoS attack types:
    • UDP flood test case
    • UDP fragmentation test case
    • Non-spoofed UDP flood test case
  • TCP-based DoS attack types:
    • Syn flood test case
    • Syn-ack flood test case
    • Data ack and push flood test case
    • Fragmented ack test case
    • Session attack test case
  • Application-layer attack types:
    • DNS flood attack case
    • Excessive verb attack case
    • Recursive GET Floods
    • Slow POSTs
  • Botnets:
    • Zeus
    • SpyEye
    • BlackEnergy
    • Duqu
    • Pushdo Cutwail

Validate the security posture of your networks with real applications and complete range of threat vectors.

Problem: Real-time challenges for real-world testing

These days, organizations rely on a wide variety of security solutions to protect their networks from cyber-attacks and traffic anomalies. But the more tools deployed, the more complex a security infrastructure becomes. The result: a hodgepodge of security solutions that are tough to verify and challenging to scale. Worse yet, these complex system interactions pose a serious risk to security performance and network resiliency.

Ixia Breaking Point

Solution: An easy-to-use testing ecosystem for modern network needs

Today’s businesses require an application and security test solution that can verify the stability, accuracy, and quality of networks and network devices.

Enter BreakingPoint. By simulating real-world legitimate traffic, distributed denial of service (DDoS), exploits, malware, and fuzzing, BreakingPoint validates an organization’s security infrastructure, reduces the risk of network degradation by almost 80%, and increases attack readiness by nearly 70%. And with our new TrafficREWIND solution, you'll get even more realistic and high-fidelity validation by adding production network insight into BreakingPoint test traffic configurations.

How might a particular configuration or security setup withstand a cyber-attack? BreakingPoint addresses that by simulating both good and bad traffic to validate and optimize networks under the most realistic conditions. Security infrastructures can also be verified at high-scale, ensuring ease of use, greater agility, and speedy network testing.

Key Features

  • Simulates more than 300 real-world application protocols
  • Allows for customization and manipulation of any protocol, including raw data
  • Generates a mix of protocols at high speed with realistic protocol weight
  • Supports more than 37,000 attacks and malwares
  • Delivers from a single port all types of traffic simultaneously, including legitimate traffic, DDoS, and malware
  • Bi-monthly Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) subscription updates ensure you’re are current with the latest applications and threats
  • Combined with the CloudStorm™ platform, BreakingPoint reaches a staggering performance with a fully-populated chassis—2.4 Tbps / 1.44 billion sessions and 42 million connections per second—to emulate enterprise-wide networks to continent-scale mobile carrier networks ​​​​​​