Moving workloads and applications to the cloud brings new flexibility. But also, more complexity. With the constant threat of cyber attacks and the pressure to deliver an excellent user experience, you need visibility to all the data that crosses your network. Ixia’s CloudLens platform provides unprecedented visibility across all cloud platforms—public, private, and hybrid clouds—and a framework to scale virtual taps and data filtering to meet the needs of your cloud environment.

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Cloud Visibility

Finished Cloud Visibility for Dummies? Ready for next steps? Learn more about the benefits of better visibility into cloud environments.

Mitigating Risk in Private Clouds


Build Confidence


Learn how to bulletproof your cloud before you go live using realistic traffic emulation tests.

CloudLens Public Video


See What’s Inside


With more of your workloads moving to the cloud, it’s harder to see everything on your network? Watch and learn about a new option.

CloudLens Public: Visibility in Public Cloud


Monitoring in the Cloud


Performance, security, and compliance are as important in the cloud as in the data center. Learn how to provide your monitoring tools with data from the cloud.

Ixia CloudLens: Managing the Elastic Cloud Visibility Surface


An Elastic Visibility Solution


Public cloud resources provide superior elasticity. But you need an elastic visibility solution to match. Learn how to build and manage a flexible visibility architecture.

ACG Hotspot Video


ACG HotSeat: Ixia, delivering cloud visibility & value with CloudLens


Scott Register, Vice President, Product Management, Ixia, and Ray Mota, CEO, ACG, discuss cloud visibility and Ixia’s value proposition within the public cloud.

Go cloud-native, for if the flies!


Go Cloud-Native, For if the Flies!


The cloud is a paradigm shift—a new language, not just slang. So, how can we think like a native speaker when it comes to cloud visibility?

Cloud-Native Visibility


Cloud-Native Visibility – Visibility as a Service (VaaS)


Traditional visibility architectures no longer offer the agility and insight required to ensure proper operation and security of cloud workloads. Ixia addresses this transition with a true cloud-native visibility solution.

Savvius and Ixia


Savvius and Ixia provide On-Premises/Private Cloud Visibility


Learn how Savvius and Ixia are helping organizations get visibility into on-premises and private cloud environments for application/network performance monitoring and analysis.