Transform development and testing environments into on-demand, self-service, fully automated services

Problem: Legacy dev/test infrastructure is labor-intensive, inflexible and, expensive

The shift to disaggregated software and hardware, short release cycles and agile methodologies are radically shrinking time-to-market, but new dev/test methodologies are needed, which require automation of the complete environment, enabling remote access, automated and reusable configuration, scheduling, and reporting.

Solution: On-demand, self-service, cloud-enabled lab automation

The CloudShell* lab automation platform enables you to configure and provision complex development, test and demo environments, and to execute development or QA testing, demos, PoCs, training, support, or similar objectives. CloudShell lets you quickly model, orchestrate and deploy on-premises, in the cloud, or across hybrid environments, using re-usable blueprints and enabling access to consistent production-ready environments across the lifecycle.

*CloudShell is a product of Qualisystems LLC, all rights reserved.

Key Features
  • Modeling infrastructure and applications: CloudShell enables you to model infrastructure and applications that replicate complex production environments. In a single Sandbox, users can combine physical infrastructure and network connectivity, virtual infrastructure and virtual network connectivity, applications and cloud interfaces.
  • Design sandbox blueprints: create powerful orchestration workflows inside of sandboxes. Snapshot, save, restore, configure, and monitor sandbox resources with ease. Developers can use the native Python libraries to create orchestration while non-programmers can use the visual drag-and-drop authoring tool.
  • Self-service deployment: easily deploy full application stacks into sandboxes, publish sandbox blueprints to a shared self-service catalog for on-demand access by all your teams, and allow DevOps tools to consume sandboxes for full DevOps automation.
  • Smart multi-tenancy: CloudShell’s multi-tenancy ensures that many users can run in isolated Sandboxes while sharing infrastructure and networks without conflict. Resources can be locked or shared as needed for optimal use.
  • Lab automation: CloudShell includes lab automation and management features like inventory, reservations, scheduling, role-based access control, conflict resolution, and business intelligence. Easily automate multiple labs and share them among hundreds or thousands of engineers.
  • DevOps integration: CloudShell enables easy integration with continuous process and DevOps tools through a full set of APIs and a plug-in architecture.


Faster Time to Market

Faster Time to Market

Reduce the time required for development, testing, QA, demos, training and support. Cut environment configuration and deployment times from weeks to minutes


Remote Access

Remote/Online Access

CloudShell’s secure multi-tenancy and sandboxing enables remote self-service across the organization, allowing you to deliver business benefit across the organization



Enable DevOps

Give every developer and tester a personal replica of the production environment for use throughout the full DevOps cycle so that the product you build is “production ready” the first time


Cost Effective

Increase ROI

Reduce lab infrastructure and operating costs by 50% or more by increasing lab utilization, eliminating time-consuming manual configuration and enabling sharing of expensive lab resources. CloudShell automates your lab and delivers all resources through Sandboxes for complete control of the lab


Track Usage

Track and Measure

CloudShell provides a single pane of glass for business intelligence on your user activity, test results, and infrastructure utilization