Trouble staying online and connecting worldwide?

Identify the network issue which prevents users from logging in and using Skype and other Unified Communications

  • Cannot connect over the internet or Wi-Fi?
  • Data competing for prioritization?
  • Voice packets ‘queuing'?
  • Sound dropping out?
  • Variable jitter delay?
  • Latency issues during a group call?



“By participating in the Skype for Business Certification Program, Ixia’s Hawkeye has been tested and proven to be an enterprise grade communications solution for Skype for Business. Ixia is now a member of our diverse ecosystem of best of breed vendors for unified communications pre-assessment and rollout.”

Paul Cannon, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft
Hawkeye is the Solution

Ixia's Hawkeye ensures Skype for Business deployments live up to your performance and end user expectations by allowing you to:

  • Assess network performance for your LAN/WAN, wireless and cloud

  • Put your network under actual stress: be fully ready

  • Generate multiple flows to emulate the same traffic as in real life

  • Use metrics to meet recommendations from UC vendors

  • Troubleshoot quickly with hop by hop analysis

  • Identify problems and bottlenecks

  • Solve and verify before the real service roll out

  • Easily deploy yourself

  • Engage Ixia Professional Services for a full turn-key service

Hawkeye Verifies Network Performance First


Know how applications will perform on your network before you launch

  • Quickly and effectively validate network performance
  • Run scheduled verification tests
  • Test both wireline and wireless connections
  • Isolate problems
  • Proactively detect issues

How to Use Hawkeye

  • Setup Server
  • Setup Endpoints
  • Define Monitoring Profiles
  • Gain Insight
  • Hawkeye Login

    Hawkeye is easy to setup and use. It begins with deploying the Hawkeye server - options include on premises, private cloud or public cloud. The server is available as a virtual appliance.

    It has an easy to use web-interface, through which users login in to configure their endpoints, their monitoring profiles, and get access to analytics on real-time dashboards. Access to the server can be role-based, with differing authorization levels.

  • Endpoints

    With Hawkeye's ability to manage hundreds of endpoints anywhere in the world, you have the flexibility to proactively monitor every aspect of your network. Determine what types of endpoints you need and how to strategically deploy them at various locations:

    • Customer premises
    • Remote sites and head offices
    • Network aggregation points (PEs)
    • Core network, MPLS routers
    • Data centers
    • Cloud services geo-locations (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud etc.)
    • Virtual machines and servers

    Leverage Hawkeye's software, hardware, and virtual endpoints. Connect through wireline, Wi-Fi, or cellular.

  • Setup Profile

    Once endpoints are setup, proactive monitoring profiles can be configured. Synthetic traffic is insert into live networks based on these profiles to keep a pulse on what is happening in the network and what users are experiencing.

    Inject real traffic into the network continuously based on schedules, between nodes or in a mesh:

    • Conduct distributed tests with on-premises or off-premises (i.e., cloud servers)
    • Verify fixes put in place in your network in real-time with Pass/Fail
    • Find network or application faults quicker with interval testing throughout the day, the week, the month
    • Track services and network trends proactively based on time-of-day, day-of-week of services
  • real-time dashboard

    Get instant visibility of your network performance gaps via notifications, dashboards, and maps. See real-time, instant results as well as historical results to track problems and performance. Hawkeye provides

    • Automated alerts so you can quickly resolve any issues
    • Product views, so you can quickly identify pain points
    • Access from anywhere, so you always have visibility
    • Detailed drill downs by location, call/transaction, or specific metric type
Unified Communication Network Assessment


successfully rollout Skype for Business with hawkeye


Hawkeye is Microsoft Certified for Skype for Business

Now featured on Microsoft's Pro IT Tools, Hawkeye is certified for Skype for Business

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