How to Use Hawkeye

  • Select Version
  • Setup Endpoints
  • Define Monitoring Profiles
  • Gain Insight
  • Try Hawkeye Express FREE

    Hawkeye is easy to setup and use.  First, choose between Hawkeye classic or Hawkeye Express

    • Hawkeye classic - Setup a server on-premises or in your private cloud or public cloud (aka your own infrastructure). The server is available as a virtual appliance.
    • Hawkeye Express - Create an account online and subscribe to the software service with a fully flexible subscription program.

    Trying to decide between Hawkeye and Hawkeye Express? Learn more.

    Regardless of which option you choose, Hawkeye has an easy to use web-interface, through which users login to configure their endpoints, their monitoring profiles, and get access to analytics on real-time dashboards.

  • Endpoints

    With Hawkeye's ability to manage hundreds of endpoints anywhere in the world, you have the flexibility to proactively monitor every aspect of your network. Determine what types of endpoints you need and how to strategically deploy them at various locations:

    • Customer premises
    • Remote sites and head offices
    • Network aggregation points (PEs)
    • Core network, MPLS routers
    • Data centers
    • Cloud services geo-locations (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, virtual machines, and servers)

    Leverage Hawkeye's software, hardware, and virtual endpoints. Connect through wireline, Wi-Fi, or cellular.

  • Setup Profile

    Once endpoints are setup, proactive monitoring profiles can be configured. Synthetic traffic is insert into live networks based on these profiles to keep a pulse on what is happening in the network and what users are experiencing.

    Inject real traffic into the network continuously based on schedules, between nodes or in a mesh:

    • Conduct distributed tests with on-premises or off-premises (i.e., cloud servers)
    • Verify fixes put in place in your network in real-time with Pass/Fail
    • Find network or application faults quicker with interval testing throughout the day, the week, the month
    • Track services and network trends proactively based on time-of-day, day-of-week of services
  • real-time dashboard

    Get instant visibility of your network performance gaps via notifications, dashboards, and maps. See real-time, instant results as well as historical results to track problems and performance. Hawkeye provides

    • Automated alerts so you can quickly resolve any issues
    • Product views, so you can quickly identify pain points
    • Access from anywhere, so you always have visibility
    • Detailed drill downs by location, call/transaction, or specific metric type
  Hawkeye Express Hawkeye
Product Type Cloud based, Software-as-a-Service subscription model for a single user On-premises, perpetual license model that allows multiple users
Distributed Endpoints See Endpoints See Endpoints
Test Types and Ability    
Real Service    
Scheduling Options Every 5 min or every hour Full support
Application Library Essential library support Full library support
Path Discovery    
KPI's Built-in    
Basic KPIs    
Advanced KPIs    
Real-Time Dashboard    
Reports Essential reports support Full support
Alarms   SNMP and Email
API Control   SOAP API
Retention Period 1 month Customizable
Pricing $290 per month, per user account, includes 5 endpoints,
$40/mo for additional endpoints
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Hawkeye Endpoints

Hawkeye endpoints can be deployed at many locations and used to perform node to node tests and real service tests. It is this flexibility that makes Hawkeye ideal for Network, Web and Application and Wi-Fi monitoring. To proactively monitor your network the right combination of endpoints and tests must be deployed. 

  • Endpoints for Windows, iOS, Linux, Mac, Docker, Cloud and more!
  • Cloud endpoints deploy with a click in Hawkeye Express

The table below summarizes available endpoints available - CONTACT US to learn more or if you would like a specialist to determine what is best for your proactive monitoring needs.

  Node to Node Real Service
Network Monitoring    
Application & Web Monitoring    
Cloud Monitoring    
Wifi Monitoring    
Hawkeye Endpoints
  Vision E1S IxProbe XRPi XR2000 XR2000VM Docker Cloud Android iOS Windows Linux Mac
  E1S IxProbe - front XRPi XR2000 XR2000VM Docker XR Cloud Android iOS Windows Linux Mac
Hawkeye Express                        
Core Capabilities
Network Monitoring                        
Application & Web Monitoring                        
Cloud Monitoring                        
Inline Monitoring                        
Fail to Wire                        
Wifi Monitoring                        
NetStack, PacketStack, AppStack                        
Specification Detail
Software          * OVA, AWS, AMI              
Interfaces 4*10G (SFP+), 6*1G BASE-T, 2*1G BASE-T, 1*USB, 1*RJ45 2*1G 1*FE, 1 Wi-Fi 2,4Ghz, 5Ghz, AC 2 GE active by default (up to 6) Ethernet, Virtual Ethernet, Virtual Public Cloud Ethernet, Wifi, Virtual, Mobile, Wireless
Data Sheet Download Download Download   Upon Request              
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