Hawkeye Use Cases

  • Cloud Monitoring
  • Challenge Service Providers
  • Network Readiness Assessment
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Cloud Monitoring

    Transitioning applications to cloud based infrastructure or third party hosted applications (Software as a service) offers many benefits in agility, elasticity and costs.

    However that also means some critical application traffic which used to be transported into your own network is now going over the Internet, and this comes with potential user experience problems.

    With Hawkeye you can ensure smooth transition to your applications and services in the cloud by verifying access links from your various remote locations, and their performance to access your different cloud services, to gain visibility into your end-user experience with cloud services during operations.

    By generating synthetic traffic verification from endpoints installed in the WAN sites toward cloud applications, Hawkeye provides the network performance metrics you need to ensure your connectivity to the cloud will be sufficient before your roll out the services, and will allow you to continue verifying performance 24/7 providing alerts on any service degradations. With its patented path discovery, Hawkeye pinpoints any bottlenecks in achieving the best user experience, whether this is in your network or on the Internet.

    Keep control of your network performance with Hawkeye when migrating to cloud!

  • Challenge Service Providers

    Be able to challenge service providers by understanding what level of service your organization receives. Proactive monitoring of bandwidth from each location to any Internet destination improves the ability of IT organizations to respond to issues. IT is more apt to determine the source of issue, address it with service providers as appropriate and resolve issues quickly.

    Use Hawkeye to monitor the bandwidth availability from each location. You can do this by creating bandwidth monitoring checks with specific uplink and downlink targets that endpoints monitor with synthetic traffic to determine quality of service (QoS). Bandwidth can be measured at defined intervals against the configured thresholds around the clock.

    This can improve response time and employee satisfaction by consistently providing reliable network access. Hawkeye lets you stay abreast of issues that happen during “off hours” when passive monitoring, which relies on live network traffic, is unable to provide insight. Hawkeye uses synthetic traffic, to ensure consistent SLA delivery, so your network is ready when you users need it.

    Moreover, you can automate alerts and reports to the network operations team and integrate with other systems. And, it is easier to determine the source of issues by evaluating trends using current and historical data, which Hawkeye retains for analysis.

  • Network Readiness Assessment

    Know how applications will perform on your network before you launch with Hawkeye. You can perform application and network assessments to identify issues prior to go-live with synthetic traffic. Hawkeye lets you assess impact to branch offices and headquarters, and even via Wi-Fi, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding before you move to production.

    Validation prior to rollout can also help uncover issues early on to mitigate risk and costs. With synthetic monitoring pre-deployment, you will know if your network needs an upgrade, if you need to change configurations, etc. all beforehand. Using endpoints and node to node testing, you can determine the quality of experience users would receive, allowing you to adjust your setup in a test configuration. This leads to a smoother go-live process that involves less fire-fighting on a live network.

    A smoother roll out means easier adoption by users who receive the best possible quality of experience (QoE) from day 1. Overall, Hawkeye lets you leverage you investments into better overall productivity.

  • 24-7 Monitoring

    With Hawkeye, one platform can provide you the insight you need to manage performance and connectivity 24-7, from anywhere on your network. The breadth of endpoints allows you to monitor remote sites, data centers, cloud services and more, with a single comprehensive view.

    You can validate every combination - remote users over voice application, branch office users on Wi-Fi, users on other business applications. The flexibility allows exhaustive evaluation, all of which is managed in and reported in a single interface. This centralized simplicity ensures you are in control of your network quality and end user experience.

    You can maintain the level of service and experience of your users with trending and analysis of evaluations in Hawkeye. With a solid baseline and ongoing testing, you can spot any changes immediately and setup alarms for such incidents. Quicker diagnosis means faster resolution, which means a better experience for you and your users.