Ixia Fabric Controller

Key Features
  • Adding additional Vision network packet broker products with IFC adds that packet brokers respective resources, resulting in a single management interface to manage a intelligent collection of network packet brokers
  • Best-in class management tool for traffic and tools integration
  • Seamless support for Cisco Nexus switches for aggregation
  • Optimized traffic inter-connect trunk links to an absolute minimum
  • Deploys a centralized "farm" of cost-effective, high-capacity security tools to monitor physically distributed locations
  • Scales monitored segments and tools without increasing management overhead
  • Allows for remote sites to utilize centralized tools

Problem: The threat of blind spots

With today’s complex IT environments, network administrators need more than a single view into their networks. End-to-end visibility from any point on the network eliminates blind spots. Without advanced network visibility seen through a single pane of glass, organizations put network security, compliance mandates, and application performance at risk.

Ixia Control Tower

Solution: Smarter monitoring for sophisticated networks

Ixia Fabric Controller™ is a software feature that runs on Ixia network packet brokers such as Vision ONE™ and Vision 7300.  It provides an advanced-network visibility resource for centralized, intelligent monitoring that helps organizations achieve end-to-end visibility within their physical, virtual, and software defined networks (SDN) networks. The distributed architecture gives network administrators access to traffic that can be sent to monitoring and diagnostic tools from any point in the network. Ixia Fabric Controller helps accelerate application delivery and enables effective troubleshooting for enhanced network security, application performance, and service level agreement (SLA) fulfillment.


Ixia Control Tower

Control Tower is a cluster management and  support offering which runs on NTO 5260, NTO 5263 and NTO 5268 network packet brokers.