Ixia has taken the next step in it's journey as a leading network visibility provider. We have aligned our product naming to a unified theme that applies across our physical, virtual and cloud portfolio.

Simplified, end-to-end view of Ixia's network packet brokers: the Vision portfolio

  • Ixia's network packet brokers are now part of the Vision portfolio. With this alignment, it is easy to see the spectrum, from more basic network packet brokers to fully scalable models capable of advanced intelligent capabilities. As we bring new network packet brokers to market, there will be a consistent way to help you determine what is best for your visibility needs.
  • We will continue to provide best-in-class, full-featured network packet brokers with the ability to add advanced visibility intelligence capabilities.

Truly intelligent filtering and network design capabilities across physical, virtual, and cloud environments: Visibility Intelligence feature stacks 

  • Ixia's basic filtering, advanced packet processing, truly intelligent application layer filtering and more are now organized into feature stacks. Beginning with the basics in NetStack, through unique patented capabilities in AppStack, Ixia has created one framework that applies across its physical, virtual and cloud environments.
  • Ixia continues to grow its visibility intelligence capabilities, creating each with a purpose-built design, to achieve the best performance. Whether that means a dedicated hardware chip in a physical packet broker or processing packets in the cloud, we build to achieve. Ixia's advanced filtering capabilities can be used simultaneously, without risk of packet loss.
Vision Portfolio: Network Packet Brokers
  Vision xStream 40 Vision E40 Vision E100 Vision 5236 Vision 5288 Vision ONE Vision 7300
  xStream 40 Vision Edge 40 Vision Edge 100 Vision 5236 Vision 5288 Vision ONE Vision 7300
Visibility Intelligence

Robust filtering, aggregation, replication, and more


Intelligent packet filtering, manipulation and transport


Optimized handling for secure traffic


Context aware, signature based application filtering

Chassis & Ports
Rack Units 1 1 1 1 2 1 7
1G/10G Support              
40G Support              
100G Support              
Mode of Operation
Inline Capable              
Out-of-Band Capable              
Simultaneous Inline & Out-of-Band              
Visibility Intelligence
NetStack Icon


Robust filtering, aggregation, replication, and more

  • Three stages of filtering (ingress, dynamic, and egress)
  • Dynamic filter compiler
  • Priority based filtering
  • Source port labeling (VLAN tagging & untagging)
  • Aggregation & replication
  • Load balancing
  • Double your Ports- DyP (Simplex)
PacketStack Icon


Intelligent packet filtering, manipulation, and transport

  • Deduplication
  • Header (protocol) stripping
  • Packet trimming
  • Timestamping
  • Data masking
  • GRE tunneling
  • Burst protection (deep packet buffering)
  • NetFlow generation
SecureStack Icon


Optimized handling for secure traffic

  • Passive SSL decryption
  • Threat insights
  • Data masking +


Context-aware, signature-based application layer filtering

  • Application identification
  • Geolocation & tagging
  • Optional RegEx filtering
  • IxFlow (NetFlow + metadata)
  • Packet capture
  • ATI subscription
  • Real-time dashboard