Test and validate Wi-Fi performance of WLAN infrastructure and IoT devices and networks by recreating real world scenarios.

Problem: Testing too little, too late

In today's wireless world, a robust Wi-Fi network and well behaved WiFi IoT devices are key to fast and reliable access to enterprise applications. For many, testing Wi-Fi performance in a real-world environment can help identify critical IT issues, but troubleshooting in the deployment stage isn’t easy. The exponential growth and the diversity of IoT devices and applications can make it difficult to isolate problems, and detecting glitches already in a live, deployed network is a costly and complicated endeavor.

WiFi Test

Solution: Wi-Fi for the real world

Ixia IxVeriWave™ delivers Wi-Fi performance testing by simulating complex networking environments for testing IoT Devices and WLAN Networks. By recreating real scenarios—such as interference and background traffic—in a controlled lab environment, IxVeriWave™ allows IT to identify and resolve problems early in the network lifecycle. Testing devices under various real-world conditions delivers a variety of key benefits. Early custom testing of Wi-Fi networks and IoT Devices provides actionable insight into real-world performance, while testing can occur in a deterministic and repeatable fashion. Detecting a bug in the development phase costs considerably less than managing glitches in a production environment. Business benefits of using IxVeriWave™ include faster time to market for products, superior network and IoT Device performance, and proactive problem resolution.

Key features

World’s first and only IoT test product that can emulate complex real world networks to test IoT devices
Delivers comprehensive radio frequency (RF), protocol, and stress testing
Features breakthrough 4 x 4 MIMO 802.11ac technology
Offers vital and unique MU-MIMO testing that includes Beamforming accuracy
Employs a client-centric model that measures Quality of Experience (QoE) from the customer point of view
Provides detailed performance metrics to assess the quality of voice, video, unified communications, Web, and industry-specific applications