Load Module


Connector Type

SFP+ for 10GbE port

Number of Ports

8 / 4 / 2

Maximum Ports per Chassis:

- XGS12-HS or XGS12-SD or XM12

- XGS2-HS or XGS2-SD or XM2



96 / 48 / 24 [1]

16 / 8 / 4

Layer 2-3 Routing Protocol and Emulation


Layer 4–7 Application Traffic Testing


Capture Buffer per Port

512 MB

Number of Transmit Flows per Port (sequential values)


Number of Transmit Flows per Port (arbitrary values)

1 Million

Number of Trackable Receive Flows per Port

1 Million

Number of Stream Definitions per Port

512 in packet stream mode (sequential) or advanced stream (interleaved) modes. Each stream definition can generate millions of unique traffic flows

Transmit Engine

Wire-speed packet generation with timestamps, sequence numbers, data integrity signature, and packet group signatures

Receive Engine

Wire-speed packet filtering, capturing, real-time latency for each packet group, data integrity, and sequence checking

User Defined Field (UDF) Features

Fixed, increment or decrement by user-defined step, value lists, range lists, cascade, random, and chained

Table UDF Feature

Comprehensive packet editing function for emulating large numbers of sophisticated flows. Up to 1 million table UDF entries are supported on the NGY-NP.


48-bit source/destination address, 2x128-bit user-definable pattern and offset, frame length range, CRC error, data integrity error, sequence checking error (small, big, reverse)

Data Field (per stream)

Fixed, increment (byte/word), decrement (byte/word), random, repeating, user-specified up to 13K bytes

Statistics and Rates:
Counter Size: 64-Bit

Link state, line speed, frames sent, valid frames received, bytes sent/received, fragments, undersize, oversize, CRC errors, VLAN tagged frames, 6 user-defined stats, capture trigger (UDS 3), capture filter (UDS 4), user-defined stat 5, user-defined stat 6, 8 QoS counters, data integrity frames, data integrity errors, sequence checking frames, sequence checking errors, ARP, and ping requests and replies

Error Generation

CRC (Good/Bad/None), Undersize, Oversize

Packet Flow Statistics

Real-time statistics to track up to 1 million packet flows on the NGY-NP with throughput and latency measurements.

Latency Measurements

20ns resolution

IPv4, IPv6, UDP, TCP

Hardware checksum generation

Frame Length Controls

Fixed, random, weighted random, or increment by user-defined step, random, weighted random

Operating Temperature Range

41°F to 86°F (5°C to 30°C)

[1] For XM12, the XM12 High Performance chassis variant (941-0009) is required for 80 or more ports of 10 GbE NGY XFP or SFP+ 8-port. A field replaceable power supply upgrade kit (943-0005) is available for the XM12 chassis (941-0002) to convert it to the High Performance version.

Ixia's NGY-NP family of load modules is the industry’s highest performing density application traffic generation solution. It offers complete layer 2-7 packet generation, and routing and application testing functionality in a single load module.

NGY-NP combines the CPU processing and Ixia’s unique NP (network processor) architecture to create a scalable, high-performance application traffic generation platform, emulating up to 40Gbps of data traffic. Each 10GE port uses multiple network processors, a powerful RISC processor running Linux, and a complete TCP/IP stack – all of which are optimized for layer 4-7 testing. Each test port also supports wire-speed layer 2-3 traffic generation and analysis, and high-performance routing/bridging protocol emulation in conjunction with true layer 4-7 application subscriber emulation and traffic generation.

NGY-NP is available in 2-port, 4-port and 8-port configurations offering a wider range of price points, interfaces densities, and performance capabilities. A single twelve slot XGS12 chassis can generate up to 480Gbps of stateful traffic in a single test system.