NOVUS10/1GE8DP 10G/1G/100Mi

Part Number 944-1142 944-1143 944-1146
Hardware Load Module Specifications
Slot / Number of Ports 1-slot with 16x10/1G Dual-PHY SFP+/10GBASE-T ports 1-slot with 8x10/1G Dual-PHY SFP+/10GBASE-T ports 1-slot with 16x10/1G Dual-PHY SFP+/100BASE-T ports
Physical Interfaces 16-ports of Dual-PHY SFP+/10GBASE-T RJ- 45 8-ports of Dual-PHY SFP+/10GBASE-T RJ- 45 16-ports of SFP+/100BASE-T RJ-45
Supported Port Speeds 10G/port and 1G/port: 10G and 1G-capable fiber and copper cable media
100M/port: 100M capable fiber and copper media
1G/port: 1G-capable fiber and copper cable media
100M/port: 100M capable fiber and copper media
CPU and Memory Multicore processor with 2GB of CPU memory per port pair
Cable Media CAT5e
Load Module Dimensions 17.3” (L) x 1.3” (W) x 12.0” (H)
440mm (L) x 33mm (W) x 305mm (H)
Load Module Weights Module only: 12.9 lbs (5.85 kg)
Shipping: 19.7 lbs (8.94 kg)
Temperature Operating: 41°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C)
Storage: 41°F to 122°F (5°C to 50°C)
Humidity Operating: 0% to 85%, non-condensing
Storage: 0% to 85%, non-condensing
Chassis Capacity: Maximum Number of Cards and Ports per Chassis Model
XGS12-SD Rackmount Chassis (940-0011)ii 12 load modules:
  192-ports of 10GbE
  192-ports of 1GbE
  192-ports of 100MbE
12 load modules:
  96-ports of 10GbE
  96-ports of 1GbE
  96-ports of 100MbE
12 load modules:
  192-ports of 1GbE
  192-ports of 100MbE

XGS12- HSL Rackmount Chassis (940-0016)ii

12 load modules:  192-ports of 10GbE
  192-ports of 1GbE
  192-ports of 100MbE

12 load modules:  96-ports of 10GbE
  96-ports of 1GbE
  96-ports of 100MbE

12 load modules:  192-ports of 1GbE
  192-ports of 100MbE

XGS2-SD Rackmount Chassis (940-0010) 2 load modules:
  32-ports of 10GbE
  32-ports of 1GbE
  32-ports of 100MbE
2 load modules:
  16-ports of 10GbE
  16-ports of 1GbE
  16-ports of 100MbE
2 load modules:
  32-ports of 1GbE
  32-ports of 100MbE
XGS2- HSL Rackmount Chassis (940-0014)

2 load modules:             32-ports of 10GbE
  32-ports of 1GbE
  32-ports of 100MbE

2 load modules:   16-ports of 10GbE
  16-ports of 1GbE
  16-ports of 100MbE

2 load modules:  32-ports of 1GbE
  32-ports of 100MbE


Transmit Feature Specifications
Transmit Engine Wire-speed packet generation with timestamps, sequence numbers, data integrity signature, and packet group signatures
Max. Streams per Port 512
Max. Streams per Port in Data Center Ethernet 256
Stream Controls Rate and frame size change on the fly, sequential and advanced stream scheduler
Minimum Frame Size 10GbE:
  49 bytes at full line rate without UDF
  60 bytes at full line rate with UDF
1GbE and 100MbE:
  49 bytes at full line rate
Maximum Frame Size 16,384 bytes
Maximum Fame Size in Data Center Ethernet 9,216 bytes
Priority Flow Control 8 line-rate-capable queues, each supporting up to 2,500-byte frame lengths
1 queue supporting up to 9,216-byte frame lengths
Frame Length Controls Fixed, increment by user-defined step, weighted pairs, uniform, repeatable random, IMIX, and Quad Gaussian
User Defined Fields (UDF) Fixed, increment or decrement by user-defined step, sequence, value list, and random configurations; up to five, 32-bit-wide UDFs are available
Value Lists (Max.) 2M across 5 User Defined Fields
Sequence (Max.) 512
Error Generation Generate good CRC or force bad CRC, undersize and oversize standard Ethernet frame lengths, and bad checksum
Hardware Checksum Generation Checksum generation and verification for IPv4, IP over IP, ICMP/GRE/TCP/UDP, L2TP, GTP
Link Fault Signaling 10GE: Reports, no fault, remote fault, and local fault port statistics; ability to select the option to have the transmit port ignore link faults from a remote link partner Not Applicable
Latency Measurement Resolution 2.5 nanoseconds
Transmit Line Clock Adjustment Ability to adjust the parts-per-million line frequency over a range of -100 ppm to +100 ppm across all ports on the load module.
Receive Feature Specifications
Receive Engine Wire-speed packet filtering, capturing, real-time latency, and inter-arrival time for each packet group, with data integrity, sequence and advanced sequence checking capability
Trackable Receive Flows per Port 1M without Tx/Rx Sync and sequence checking
512k with Tx/Rx Sync and sequence checking
Minimum Frame Size 64 bytes at full line rate into the capture buffer
49 bytes at less than full line rate
Filters (User-Defined Statistics,UDS) 2 SA/DA pattern matchers, 2x16-byte user-definable patterns with offsets capability for start of: frame, IP, or protocol; up to 6 UDS counters are available
Hardware Capture Buffer 512MB per port
Statistics and Rates Link state, line speed, frames sent, valid frames received, bytes sent/received, fragments, undersize, oversize, CRC errors, VLAN tagged frames, 6 user-defined stats, capture trigger (UDS 3), capture filter (UDS 4), 8 QoS counters, data integrity frames, data integrity errors, sequence and advanced sequence checking frames, sequence checking errors, ARP, and PING requests and replies
Latency/Jitter Measurements Cut-through, store & forward, forwarding delay, up to 16 time bins latency/jitter, MEF jitter, and inter-arrival time
Layer 2-3 Protocol Support
Routing and Switching BGP4/BGP4+, OSPFv2/v3, ISISv4/v6, EIGRP/EIGRPv6, RIP/RIPng, BFD, IGMP/MLD, PIM-SM/SSM, STP/RSTP/MSTP, PVST+/RPVST+, Link Aggregation (LACP), LISP
Software Defined Network OpenFlow, Segment Routing, BGP Link State (BGP-LS), PCEP, VXLAN, EVPN VXLAN, OVSDB, GENEVE
Broadband and Authentication PPPoX/L2TPv2, DHCPv4/DHCPv6, ANCP, IPv6 Autoconfiguration (SLAAC), \IGMP/MLD, IPTV, 802.1x, WebAuth, EAPoUDP, Cisco NAC
Industrial Ethernet Link OAM (IEEE 802.3ah), CFM/Y.1731, PBB/PBB-TE, ELMI, TWAMP, Sync-E ESMC, IEEE 1588v2 (PTP), gPTP (IEEE 802.1AS), MSRP (IEEE 802.1 Qat), IEEE 1722
Data Center Ethernet DCBX/LLDP, FCoE/FIP, PFC (IEEE 802.1Qbb), TRILL, Cisco FabricPath, SPBM, VEPA
Layer 4-7 Application Traffic Testing Support
Data HTTP, HTTPS, TCP Session, FTP, DNS, Mail (SMTP, POP3, and IMAP),TFTP, AppReplay, AppLibrary
Video RTSP, IPTV, VoD, Adobe Flash Client, Apple HLS Client, Microsoft Silverlight Client, Adobe HDS Client, DASH Client; includes Video Quality VQMON and TCP Video Quality
Voice Advanced VoIP SIP & RTP, Audio & Video Codecs, VoLTE, MSRP, Telepresence, SMS, T.38; includes: Voice Quality and Video Quality for conversational video traffic
Storage iSCSI, CIFSv1, CIFSv2 (SMB2), SMB3, NFSv3 Client, NFSv4 Client, NFS4.1 Client, Cloud Storage Client
Access IPv4, IPv6, VLAN, Emulated Routers, DNS, DHCP



IxExplorer: A full-featured layer 2-3 wire-speed Ethernet traffic generation and analysis test application.
IxNetwork: Wire-rate traffic generation with service modeling that builds realistic, dynamically controllable data-plane traffic. IxNetwork offers the industry's best test solution for functional and performance testing by using comprehensive emulation for routing, switching, MPLS, IP multicast, broadband, authentication, Carrier Ethernet, and data center Ethernet protocols.
IxLoad: A scalable L4-7 solution for testing converged multiplay services, application delivery platforms, and security devices and systems. IxLoad emulates data, access, storage, voice, and video subscribers and associated protocols to ensure quality of experience (QoE).
Tcl API: Custom user script development for layer 2-7 testing.

i 8-port Novus10/1GE8DP can be upgraded to full 16-port version NOVUS10/1GE16DP via 905-1006 additional 8-port enablement option.
ii Ixia recommends the use of XGS12-SD and XGS12-HSL chassis for large-port-count test applications.

  • Industry’s only and highest-density 10/1/100M Dual-PHY SFP+/10GBASE-T RJ45 solution
  • 3-speed 10GE/1GE/100M ports provide low total cost of ownership and high ROI
  • Feature, scale & performance parity with existing Ixia 10GE and 1GE load modules
  • Broader coverage of L4-7 protocols including video, voice, storage and access
  • Purpose built to test high-performance, low-latency devices



Ixia's Novus 10/1 family of load modules offers complete Layer 2-7 (L2-7) network and application testing in a single system.

Support for Dual-PHY (SFP+ and 10GBase-T RJ45) allows for up to line-rate L2/3 traffic generation and analysis, high-performance routing/bridging protocol emulation, and true L4-7 application traffic generation and subscriber emulation all with one load module. With up to 16 Dual-PHY ports per module, you can create ultra-high-density test environments for 10GE/1GE/100M Ethernet over copper and fiber. Up to 192 10GE/1GE/100M Ethernet test ports are supported in a single 12-slot Ixia chassis.

Novus 10GE/1GE/100M load modules are available in three different models to match your requirements and budget:

  • NOVUS10/1GE16DP: A full-featured 16-port, Dual-PHY (RJ45 and SFP+) 10GE/1GE/100M load module designed for high-density requirements.
  • NOVUS10/1GE8DP: A full-featured 8-port, Dual-PHY (RJ45 and SFP+) 10GE and 1GE load module designed for high-density switch testing. To support evolving test needs, users can perform a software field-upgrade to a full 16-port NOVUS10/1G16DP load module.
  • NOVUS1GE16DP: A full-featured 16-port, Dual-PHY (RJ45 and SFP+) 1GE and 100M load module designed for high-density requirements.


  • Full line-rate traffic generation to evaluate ASIC designs, FPGAs, and hardware switch fabrics
  • Ultra-high scale and performance for emulating L2/3 protocols to validate performance and scalability of L2/3 routing/switching and data center test cases using the Ixia’s IxNetwork application
  • Support for testing SFP+ and 10GBase-T RJ-45 copper ports at different speeds simultaneously on the same load module
  • Perform industry-standard RFC benchmark tests and protocol emulation in large test bed with hundreds of 3-speed ports in a single test
  • 10G, 1G, and 100M line-rate hardware packet capture and decode tools to detect and debug data transmission errors
  • Application support for IxExplorer, IxNetwork, IxLoad, and the related Tcl and automation APIs
  • Novus adds IxLoad L4-7 including Voice, Video and Access protocols
  • Flexible 4:1 CPU and memory aggregation, for high-scale protocol emulation and performance
  • Flexible custom packet generation
  • Real-time latency with latency resolution of up to 2.5ns
  • Extensive port and traffic flow statistics
  • Advanced sequence checking  with duplicate packet detection

Novus 3-speed brings new level of performance with broad range of coverage of the most popular features of IxNetwork and IxLoad applications.

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