Key Features
  • Test networks and devices cost-effectively with the industry’s highest-density portable appliance
  • Meet high-density test requirements with full-featured Dual-PHY (RJ45 and SFP+) 3-speed or 5-speed fixed chassis
  • Test using multiple chassis with Ixia STAR and Metronome Synchronization support
  • Optimize lab space and power use with compact form factor and reduced power requirements
  • Enable broad test functions across L2-7 with unified architecture that supports Ixia’s IxNetwork®, IxExplorer®, and IxLoad® applications
  • Validate enterprise and service provider environments with appliance that is purpose-built to test high-performance, low-latency devices


Ixia's Novus ONE PLUS is the industry’s highest-density portable fixed chassis, offering complete Layer 2-7 network and application testing in a compact form-factor. 

With Novus ONE PLUS’s unique combination of portability and performance—up to 16 Dual-PHY ports per fixed chassis, you can create cost-effective Ethernet test environments for 3-Speed 10GE/1GE/100M or 5-Speed 10GE/5GE/2.5GE/1GE/100M over copper and fiber media. 

Novus ONE PLUS supports up to line-rate L2/3 traffic generation and analysis, high-performance routing/bridging protocol emulation, and true L4-7 application traffic generation and subscriber emulation—all with one fixed chassis! 

Novus ONE PLUS is available in several different models to match your requirements and budget:

Novus ONE PLUS 3-Speed 10GE/1GE/100M

  • 16-port fixed chassis
  • 8-port fixed chassis
  • 4-port fixed chassis

Novus ONE PLUS 5-Speed 10GE/5GE/2.5GE/1GE/100M

  • 16-port fixed chassis
  • 8-port fixed chassis
  • 4-port fixed chassis