The results of recent Tolly Group testing demonstrates that Ixia's intelligent network packet broker delivers reliable, lossless visibility and eliminates risk of blind spots for enterprise network and security teams.

Gigamon vs Ixia Graph
  • Tolly test compared Ixia and Gigamon for advanced packet processing performance
  • Ixia led on all performance metrics
  • Test proves strength of NTO design and architecture for reliably delivering security

"We are pleased that the results clearly demonstrate that users can trust Ixia to help secure their networks. You can’t secure what you can’t see."

Recep Ozdag, Ixia VP of Visibility Products
The Bottom Line

1The Ixia Network Tool Optimizer 5288 supported line-rate deduplication performance (160Gbps) with one AFM module for all tested frame sizes.

2The Gigamon HC2 with one GigaSMART module lost packets and did not support specified 40Gbps deduplication performance for all frame sizes (e.g. 72.6% frame loss for 64-byte frames).

3The performance of the Gigamon HC2 with one GigaSMART module was impacted by packet size and features enabled, wheras Ixia NTO 5288 delivered steady results.

4In a live network, packet loss creates security blind spots and it is difficult for customers to realize Gigamon’s packet loss if any conditions change (network load, frame size, configuration, etc.).