Ixia offers an extensive set of visibility intelligence feature stacks so you can get the most out of your visibility and security platform – our capabilities allow filtering based on L2 through L7. Moreover, we provide industry-specific, specialized capabilities. Each stack of features is executed with a purpose-built design to ensure you get the best performance whether in a physical data-center or a private, hybrid or public cloud.

See how we stack up!

TradeStack Features

  • Gap Detection
  • Feed Health
  • Traffic Stats
  • Microburst Detection
  • Feed Updates
  • Feed Management
  • Gap Detection

    Gap Detection Icon GAP DETECTION

    Don't suffer from missing, duplicate or out-of-sequence market feed data - gap detection identifies problems automatically and forwards alerts to your monitoring tools and systems for quick resolution. Each market feed data packet includes a sequence number that can be used to figure out if market feed data arrives in order without gaps or duplication.

    • High capacity with thousands of multicast channels monitored 
    • Detects gap events including missing, duplicate and out-of-order packets
    • Notifies downstream management systems of gap events via TradeStream, Syslog or SNMP messages
    • Prevents flooding of management systems by rate limiting gap events with auto-reset capabilities to resume normal operation automatically 
  • Feed Health

    Feed and health icon FEED AND CHANNEL HEALTH

    Ensuring health of your critical market feed data streams is critical for your business. Feed and channel health detects the lack of traffic on market data feeds so that network operations staff can address immediately without having to wait to be alerted by application IT staff.

    • Detects lack of traffic - either at a Channel or Feed level
  • High Res

    High Res Icon High Resolution Traffic Statistics

    Improve capacity planning by streaming market feed metadata to analysis tools where network engineers can build up historical traffic patterns utilizing a diverse set of market feed data statistics, including traffic group, gap events and channel statistics.

    • Capable down to 0.1 microsecond resolution
  • Microburst

    microburst  MICROBURST Detection

    Don't suffer from unexpected data bursts within your market feed data - microburst detection identifies problems automatically and forwards alerts to your monitoring tools and systems for quick resolution. When traffic bursts occur in multiple multicast feeds at the same time, their collective bandwidth can overwhelm network management tools. Microburst detection solves this problem by monitoring traffic for a group of market feed channels and generating alerts when the total volume of over a period exceeds a user-defined burst threshold. This monitoring process also provides awareness into data path issues and is helpful in identifying potential capacity issues in a network.

    Microburst detection allows flexible user configuration with the ability to set:

    • Sends alerts via SNMP or SysLog

    • User-defined burst thresholds

    • Groups of market feed channels to monitor (Traffic group)

    • Sample intervals from 100 microseconds to 1000 milliseconds

  • Feed Updates

    sub refresh icon Subscription for Feed Updates

    Have confidence that when changes to feeds or channels occur, your monitoring platform stays up-to-date. Knowledge of over 15,000 unique channels is kept up-to-date within a specialized DTSP (Decoder Trading Subscription Packet) resource file. When financial markets add or modify their feeds or channels, decoders in the DTSP file is updated accordingly. Subscription for feed updates provide regularly updated DTSP resource files that can be downloaded and installed, keeping you aware of new feeds and channels as well as changes to existing ones.

    • Manages changes to over 15,000+ pre-programmed Exchange addresses
    • Easy to update decoder with new decoder issued every 1-2 months (not tied to firmware releases)


  • Feed Management

    Simple Feed Management Simplified Feed Management

    Remove the hassle from configuring, analyzing and managing your market feed data. TradeStack provides many robust capabilities to keep you aware and ready to respond to problems without the management overhead that most solutions require. Remove headaches and human error when it comes to configuring your market feed monitoring. TradeStack auto-populates the multicast IP address and a port pair of feed channels, so you don't have to look anything up. Debugging problems is much easier when you have the right tools for the job.  TradeStack details all events with accurate time stamps and provides a robust syslog viewer which quickly finds events of interest. Why waste time with CLI's, TradeStack's interface is all GUI based, meaning you merely need to point-and-click to set up forwarding rules to your tools. 

    • Over 15,000 pre-programmed Exchange addresses
    • Robust syslog viewer allows simple interface for quick search and filter for events of interest 
    • Simple selection of parents, venues, feeds, and channels via point-and-click channel trees

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